July 27, 2011

Blogger Award 2011

Sooo...I got this awesome award from Nani, I was really excited! :)

Blogger Award 2011

Now I have to:

1. Make a post containing:
~Say thank you to someone who give you this award
~Write about someone who give you this award
~Write about yourself 
~There's a banner award and code
~Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends (blogends)
~Don't forget to leave a messages in their chatbox

2. Use this banner award on your blog sidebar, without change banner's code.

So the huge thank you goes to Nani! Thank you for tagging me,gurlll~ 

About Nani
I found her blog maybe in February,I think? I was searching for gyaru stuff,and I found her!:D I still think she makes a beautiful non-Asian gyaru. (See? See? See? ) Problem,Nani? ;D
If you're interested in kpop,jrock (see her older posts), Asian fashion, food porn, doggies & bunniez or just random fun,you def. have to check her blog out.

About Me:
I'm always glad,when I got an award or tag. I'm also happy that I started to blog about my make-up obsession in November, because actually there are people,who are as crazy as me make-up wise. I met a lot of adorable people with the same interest as mine, and Nani is one of them. Dear readers, thank you for following me,and thank you for everything. *sob sob*

I give this award to:
- Shabby
- Dblchin

(I know it's only 5 bloggers,right?)

Hope you all doin' great. We have Fall here instead of Summer,oh well. I LOVE Fall and Winter. >:]


xoxo Evinde


  1. AWWW you're such a flippin' cutie pie <3 Thank you for the kind words, Evindee-chaaan! -hugs- And you linked my photos! *hides* That's so embarrassing xD Hahaha.. -gives cookie- You're a doll, tho! And I'm glad you did the tag! : D You deserve it!

  2. woww i love your blog pretty ♥ !


  3. Thanks a lot for thinking of me:) and congrats :) I'll do this post when I get home :)


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