April 11, 2014

Monthly Favourites | February and March 2014

Monthly favourites: February & March 2014

It's been a while since my last favourites post, I know. Today I'll show you the products I've been enjoying lately, hope you'll like it.

Essence 50's Fever lipstick - 01 Love Me Tender (LE)
Flormar Longwearing lipstick - L33

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably remember that I adore my lavender toned lipsticks. I've been using them lately because they look amazing and they are appropriate for Spring. I only have two lavender lipcolours so far: a longwearing Flormar lipstick and my custom made lavender lipcolour by mixing together Sleek pout paints. I tend to apply them over a sheer baby pink lippie by Essence. The result is a lovely pinkish lavender shade that lasts long on the lips without drying them out.

Modelite Secret Base face primer
Skinfood Aloe Sun BB cream #1
I'm constantly rotating through my Asian BB creams, and I decided to use my beloved Skinfood Aloe Sun as the next one. The thing I love the most about the Aloe Sun is definitely the scent. It smells so good! It is a fresh yet slightly sweet scent without being too much, it's really hard to explain. It works wonders with my Modelite Secret Base primer, it kinda applies itself over the primer. True OTP for your face, let me tell ya.

Essence Silky Touch blush - 50 Sweetheart

The two powder-type products I've been reaching for the most are both by Essence. The Sweetheart blush is a slightly new addition to the range but I only had the chance to buy it in February. It is probably my favoutite shade of all the Silky Touch blushes. 

I already uploaded a review of the beautiful Love Letters highlighter, you can read it here. I've been using this one the most out of all the 78965 highlighters I have. I really like it, but I'm a little afraid the lovely poem written on the powder will fade due to constant use. 

Lavender toned taupe shades all the way (cool toned taupes). The it-piece of shades like this is Quarry by MAC. Lavender toned taupes are my favourite shades as transitional colours in my crease, you can pair them with cool and warm toned shades as well. 

Alverde baked eyeshadow - Glam Mauve (disc.)

One of my all-time favourite eyeshadows is Glam Mauve by Alverde. It is very similar to Satin Taupe, except this one is more beautiful. It is more pigmented and has more dimension to it. It puts Satin Taupe to shame, too bad it is a discontinued piece.

Terra Naturi eyeshadow - Mulberry
Max Factor trio eyeshadow - Coco Crazy (lavender taupe shade)

Terra Naturi's Mulberry eyeshadow is an excellent example for Quarry-like shadows. It is a buttery matte single eyeshadow, the quality is outstanding. The other cool toned taupe I've been using the most can be found in a Max Factor trio called Coco Crazy. The pigmentation of these MF trios is quite bad, but the lavender toned taupe shade is more pigmented than the others. Both of them are great for the crease.

Essence Blossoms Etc. eyeshadow - Forget-me-not (LE)

Essence Blossoms Etc. eyeshadow - Bloom-a-loom (LE)

Spring is here so it was time to use my beloved pastel shades like the ones in Essence's Blossoms & Etc limited edition. You get two shades in each compact, a matte and a duochrome one. Blossoms Etc was the prettiest spring collection of 2011, it is one of my all-time favourite Spring collections Essence has ever made.

swatches - direct sunlight

AXE Anarchy for HER deodorant
Eternal Magic roll-on perfume by Avon


AXE Anarchy For HER deodorant:
I already posted a review, you can read it here. Anarchy is such a lovely and refreshing spring scent, I cannot get enough of it. The unique thing about it is that it goes well with all of my Spring perfumes.

Eternal Magic roll-on perfume by Avon:
I absolutely love Avon perfumes, I guess I had luck with them so far. Eternal Magic is the perfect transition scent from winter to spring, and because it is a thicker formula, it lasts on me for 6-7 hours. 

The notes are: violet, bergamot, pink pepper, rose, iris, magnolia, vanilla, woody notes
Yum! It is a floral scent with a slight warmth to it that makes you feel happy. I've heard the spray EDT version is not as longlasting as the roll-on.

TV Shows:
I usually don't watch TV shows but the period from January 'til March was the time of my life.

American Horror Story - Coven:
Oh lord praise Jesus, how much I love the third season of AHS! It was my favourite season of the three. Witches, great villains and murders: right up my alley. The second season was such a depressive, dark and disturbing season that Coven was a refreshing change. Jessica Lange is still amazing, I love her. She is an excellent actress. 


Hannibal - Season 2:

The second season of Hannibal is still ongoing and it is as gross as ever, just the way I like it. If you like crime based TV shows and slight gore spiced with cannibal jokes, this show is for you.

True Blood:

You're probably like: "Excuse me, what?" I'm really late to join the TB bandwagon. 
Here's the story: I've watched the first episode like 6 years ago, and I thought that the guys weren't as hot as I like my vampire boys to be. Also the fangs are quite cheap looking and fake. Well, today I still agree with my statements I've made earlier, except I really really enjoy the show now. I'm on season 5 right now, I kinda watch a season a day.

I often get the feeling that I'm watching a more bloody version of Twilight with more sex in it (I am not a hater of Twilight by the way), and I also recognize a lot of features that are in Hellsing as well. I'll write my university thesis about vampires, so my main goal is to watch all the vampire movies and shows and read all the vampire books I haven't read yet. But yeah, True Blood is excellent to pass your free-time.



I decided to change up my screamo metal a little, so I started to listen to Combichrist again. They just released a new album and it is awesome. I kinda listen to their whole discography, but I'll link a few of my favourite songs. 

What about your recent favourites?


FTC: I pay for my stuff.


  1. Az Essence pirosítókat én is nagyon szeretem, épp ma is vettem egy új színt. Ez a fenti Sweetheart ugyan nincs meg, de felírom a kívánságlistámra :-)

    1. A Silky Touch pirosítók azok a termékek, amiket mindenkinek ajánlok az Essencetől ha kérdezik. :) És eddig mindenkinek be is váltak. :D


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