December 4, 2015

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer | Review + Comparison

Catrice has come out with a new liquid version of their camouflage concealer at the latest range update. The product has been receiving quite a lot of buzz in the beauty community recently. Find out whether it is worth the hype or not.

A legutóbbi szortimentfrissítéskor új korrektorral állt elő a Catrice, mégpedig a Camouflage korrektor folyékony testvérével. Sok figyelmet kapott a termék az utóbbi pár hónapban, de valóban rászolgál a hírnévre?

November 12, 2015

MAC & Yankee Candle Haul | 2015

Neither the MAC, nor the Yankee haul was planned, but somehow I managed to get the items at the same time. I decided to put them in a haul post together, again. I say again, because you might remember that I posted a MAC & Yankee haul 2 years ago. The occasion was different this time.

November 10, 2015

Essence 'Love Joy Care' Trend Edition | Preview

Girls time! Beauty time! There’s nothing more fun than relaxing at home with your best friends on a cold winter evening. With the new trend edition “”, essence transforms your own four walls into a personal wellness oasis from mid December 2015 to mid January 2016. The cheerful, bright colour scheme with pink, coral, fuchsia, violet and light blue spreads a feeling of pure joy. The collection offers the ideal products for a spa party with a fun factor! It all starts with exciting must-haves for a perfect manicure like the nail oil with a practical brush applicator or the nail strengthening colour+care nail polishes. The innovative lip oil with a light, glossy texture and subtle colour-dispersion ensures ultra-smooth lips. After the beauty treatments, the sleep mask guarantees a good night’s sleep. And thanks to the gel-pads, your eyes will look fresh and rested – even after a long night of partying. Have fun and care… with essence!

November 9, 2015

Catrice Rough Luxury Trend Edition | Preview

Ice and Fire. Abstract formations of icy landscapes meet upon soft and warm femininity. In view of the dropping temperatures and inspired by the breath taking nature of the arctic wilderness, the designer collections include coarse knits, delicate décor and trendy fake fur pieces. Interpreted in a modern way as oversized pullovers and combined with skirts, skinny jeans or culottes, the fashion items are sure to put you in the mood for the frosty time of year. The interplay of contrasting silhouettes, colours and structures creates a look that is translated into the language of beauty with the Limited Edition “Rough Luxury” by CATRICE. From December 2015 to mid January 2016, cool grey tones for a smokey eye make-up style are combined with soft lips in nude or gently contoured eyes in powder shades with lips in bold oxblood. Highlights include the Soft Baked Eye Shadows with three baked eye shadows each, the Gradation Blush as well as the Frosted Matt Top Coat for a satin-matt nail polish finish. Shades of Coolness – by CATRICE.

Essence Winter? Wonderful! Trend Edition | Preview

Baby, it’s cold outside! With the new trend edition “winter? wonderful!”, essence is warming the hearts of all winter fans from mid December 2015 to January 2016. But even the biggest opponents of low temperatures are sure to find lots of products in the collection to sweeten the coldest time of year. Frosty winter colours like white, blue and ice-grey meet upon warm nude tones like pink and light apricot, which unite to create a gorgeous colour scheme. The cool winter pieces include the four nail polishes with various effects such as “frosted” or “crystallized” as well as the lip oil with a subtle colour dispersion in light or intensive pink. The limited hand balm pampers dry hands and the mini pocket heat pack in the shape of an ice crystal makes sure that they stay nice and warm. Welcome to winter wonderland… with essence! 

October 31, 2015

Halloween & Autumn Haul | 2015

It is rare for me to find Halloween decoration at all, especially here where people don't celebrate this holiday. I was very lucky to find awesome Halloween pieces this year, most of them are made in Hungary. 

October 30, 2015

Tiffany - Seed of Chucky Makeup Look | Child's Play Franchise

Hi guys, I'm here to show you my one and only Halloween makeup look this year. This horror look is suitable for people who don't like gore or difficult makeup looks. 

October 12, 2015

Dollish Polish 'Look At The Flowers Lizzie' | The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans, your time has come. To celebrate the premiere of the 6th season of the show, I will show you a nail polish that was inspired by a heavy scene of the 4th season. I have a lot to say and many photos to show.

The Walking Dead rajongók, eljött a Ti időtök. Hogy megünnepeljem a hatodik évad premierjét, egy, a sorozat által inspirált lakkot fogok ma bemutatni. Sok mondanivaló és még több fénykép vár Titeket.

Essence 'All That Greys' Trend Edition | Preview

Grey shades! With the new trend edition “all that greys”, essence is taking a journey back in time to the “Roaring Twenties” – famous for its wild parties and many Hollywood beauties - from mid November to mid December 2015. The collection offers exciting party-proof products that focus on the trendiest colour of 2016: grey. Elegant grey shades meet upon rosy-red shades and merge into a perfect union for the retro-glam of the 1920’s. The it-pieces include an eyeshadow palette with seven powdery shades and various effects, a smokey eye pencil with a spring-loaded sponge applicator and corner lashes for fabulous lash highlights. The Charleston style hair bandeau perfectly rounds off the expressive look. Let’s celebrate… with essence!

October 8, 2015

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit - Opulent Nudes | Review

smokey eye drama kit

Négy új szemhéj & szemöldökpalettát is köszönthetünk a Max Factor újdonságai között, én pedig a nude palettát teszteltem nektek. Annyit elárulok már most az elején, hogy bárcsak minden eddigi MF szemhéjpúder ilyen jó minőségű lett volna.

Max Factor has new eyeshadow palettes as well, they are called the Smokey Eye Drama Kit palettes that are suitable for the eyes & brows. I am going to show you the basic nude palette called Opulent Nudes.

October 7, 2015

Max Factor Velvet Volume Mascara | Review + Try-on

A Max Factor erőssége a szempillaspirálokban rejlik véleményem szerint, így kíváncsi voltam, hogy a legújabb családtag hogyan is teljesít. Megmutatom, hogy miként is néz ki a pillákon a Velvet Volume spirál, és hogy mik a tapasztalataim.

Max Factor's game is the strongest when it comes to mascara, so I was very curious when I realized that they released a new one called Velvet Volume (by False Lash Effect). I am here to share my thoughts and to show you before & after photos. 

Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner | Review

Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision liquid eyeliner

A Max Factor előrukkolt pár újdonsággal, és én is kipróbáltam egy-két dolgot közülük. Az első tesztalany a Masterpiece High Precision tusfilc, aminek a fő érdekessége az egyedi tushegy. Ha kíváncsiak vagytok rá, jó helyen jártok. Swatchokat a kézfejen és a szemhéjon is mutatni fogok a bejegyzés végén.

Max Factor has come out with a handful of new products, and I will share my experience about a couple of these products in upcoming reviews. Firstly, I will focus on the Masterpiece High Precision liquid eyeliner. You will see hand and eye swatch photos as well.

September 11, 2015

Producto Finito #9 | Hair Care, Body Care, Makeup (Empties)

Alright guys, here's yet another post featuring a bunch of empties. I used these up in the first half of 2014, and I photographed the empty bottles in July, 2014. I still have a huge folder filled with empties photos sitting on my laptop, and I have yet to photograph my current empties from 2015. You can expect at least 4 more empties posts in the near future. Anyway, let's focus on today's products for now.

August 25, 2015

China Glaze Haul and Swatches | August 2015

First rule of polish addiction: there is no polish addiction. I've been collecting China Glaze nail polishes since last October, so today's post is about another collective haul. I am going to show you 13 shades with swatches.

August 24, 2015

Catrice FALLosophy Trend Edition | Preview + Video

Imaginative Objectivity. Artistic romance meets minimalistic straightforwardness. The fall collections are a stylish mix. New interpretations of classics such as sophisticated capes create a modern “Little Red Riding Hood” look, while beautiful gowns with floral embroidery and flowing fabrics in midi and maxi length draw lots of attention. Muted brown and green as well as bold berry shades welcome the new season, while soft rosé is reminiscent of the summer and sets feminine highlights. Inspired by the international fashion shows, the Limited Edition “FALLosophy” by CATRICE embraces the autumn trends and offers matching beauty must-haves with graceful leaf artwork conveying the atmosphere of a fall forest from mid September to mid November 2015. The matt powder eyeshadows with their gorgeous embossment, the Gradation Powder Blush with an attractive colour gradient as well as the high-quality Soft Lip Colour lipsticks stand out in particular. Adorable autumn – by CATRICE. 

August 20, 2015

Bebe Relaxing Care Day & Night Cream | Review

I have been a fan of Bebe products ever since the brand made its way to Hungary a couple of years ago. It is my favourite brand when it comes to inexpensive skin care and lovely ingredients. Today I am here to share my review of the Bebe Relaxing Care day & night cream.

August 8, 2015

Collective Makeup Haul | January - May 2015

huge makeup haul

As the title suggests, I will show you a lengthy collective haul today. I purchased these products at the beginning of the year, starting in January & ending in May.

August 6, 2015

Batiste száraz sampon a Rossmannban!

Ha bármikor az elmúlt 6 évben néztetek youtube videót ebben a témában, a Batiste száraz samponokról már biztosan hallottatok, hisz a csapból is ez folyik évek óta. 

August 3, 2015

Essence Fragrance Sets | Fall & Winter 2015

Fragrant sets! essence is once again presenting this year’s favorites with the new “fragrance sets”. Two of the most popular fragrances will be available in a limited gift box from September to December 2015. In each set, one eau de toilette is combined with two nail polishes – one from the current I ♥ TRENDS nail polish the nudes range and the other as an exclusive limited colour of the new I ♥ TRENDS nail polish the metals. The charm of a super sweet candy shop or butterflies in your stomach – the fragrance sets bring beautiful memories back to life and inspire great emotions. Sweet-fresh and floral-fruity fragrance compositions are sure to make the eyes of any gift recipient shine. The perfect gift – at the usual low essence price. The eau de toilettes were developed in collaboration with internationally renowned perfumers and are presented in a fresh, cool design in stylish flacons made of the finest materials with bright and cheerful little ribbons. The limited trendy gift boxes each contain the respective 50ml eau de toilette and two popular I ♥ TRENDS nail polishes. 

Essence 'Happy Girls Are Pretty' Trend Edition | Preview

Happiness is the key! We all know that a smile is the most gorgeous make-up, so the new essence trend edition “happy girls are pretty” is going to underline the natural beauty of all girls from September until October 2015. The colour scheme consists of delightful pastel shades complemented by brown nuances that are sure to flatter all beauties. The ultra slim eye pencil with an extra thin mine creates fine, accurate eyeliner styles, while the contouring set accentuates the facial features and adds expression. The nails shine in six cool colours with three different effects. Loving designs with a knit-look reminiscent of the cozy time of year decorate the blush as well as the nail file. Be happy, feel pretty … with essence! 

August 1, 2015

Sexy Red and Black Lace Nails | OPI Romantically Involved

Red and black is my favourite colour combination: it is classy yet sexy at the same time, and it works for many occasions. I will show you a lace manicure that uses the combination of these two colours.

July 27, 2015

Essence Urbaniced Trend Edition | Preview

Skatepark, basketball court or chill out zone – every city has one: a hot spot to relax and hang out with friends. The new trend edition “urbaniced” by essence is conquering these “places to be” from September to October 2015! Inspired by the athletic street style fashion, this trend edition offers a colour scheme full of contrasts with bold shades like pink, fuchsia and blue as well as darker nuances such as grey, mud and black. The exciting, slightly brushed texture turns the street style eyeshadows into true it-pieces, and the blush with a splash design is totally unique, too. The lip cream in a cool tube design comes with a small applicator so all girls can emphasize their lips when they’re out and about. The nail & cuticle tattoo liner decorates nails and cuticles with awesome graffiti designs, and two limited fragrances exude a touch of city flair. While “like an uptown girl” stands out for its light yellow fruit and floral accents, “like a downtown girl” convinces with dark berries and sensual notes. Urban and nice … with essence! 

July 10, 2015

Catrice Holo Que Tal Micro Flakie + Favourite Periwinkle Nail Colour

catrice holo que tal topper nail polish

Today's post was absolutely unplanned, but I decided to show you a Catrice Million Styles Effect top coat that is going to be discontinued. I used it on top of my favourite periwinkle nail polish, so I thought I might as well show you the outcome.


July 6, 2015

NEW Essence Products 2015 Fall-Winter | Új Essence termékek 2015 ősz-tél

As of August, the fall/winter season is about to become even more attractive with lots of must-have products that are joining the essence range. Cool looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed!
Nude and pastel are still the biggest trends of the coming season – but darker shades like grey and brown will also be flattering beauties from now on. Lots of highlights are coming this fall/winter: multifunctional mascaras, soft and hybrid lipsticks, foundations with a natural finish as well as the latest it-nail polishes – including trendy, dark nuances.

Essence Products Leaving Soon - August 2015 | Megszűnő Essence termékek - 2015 augusztus

Essence products to be discontinued (August 2015) - eyeshadows

Essence Make Me Pretty Trend Edition (Brushes!) | Preview

Beauty experts… with its brushes for every style, the new trend edition “make me pretty” by essence ensures beauty all around from August to September 2015. All of the brushes have soft, high-quality synthetic bristles that make the application of various textures as easy as child’s play. The gorgeous designs with graphical patterns in bright colors turn these beauty helpers into true eye-catchers. The wanna-haves of this trend edition are the multi use eyeshadow brush, which is a true multi-talent as it unites three applicators in just one pen, and the cool brush box for storing all your favorite brushes. Be happy… with essence!

June 29, 2015

Moyra Luna Holographic Nail Polish

moyra luna holographic nail polish

Moyra Luna is my second Moyra nail polish that I own, and it is part of the Moyra Holographic collection. Let me tell you, it is crazy beautiful in direct sunlight! You wouldn't even expect this level of holo from a nail polish that is easily accessible. Hope you'll like the photos.

Catrice 'Sense of Simplicity' Trend Edition | Preview + Video

Simplify your life. Minimalistic design with maximum benefits. The look of the 90ies is back and it’s conquering the catwalks. Clean. Casual. Chic. Designers are creating a fashion flashback with linear cuts and selected high-tech materials like neoprene. Black and white, the messengers of understatement and luxury, are combined with clear colours such as bright pink and orange. Silver with a mirror glaze provides a cool twist and sets innovative highlights. The Limited Edition “Sense of Simplicity” by CATRICE brings the look of the 90’s to the here and now. From August to mid September 2015, conspicuously minimalistic beauty products underline the fashion trend of the season with must-haves like the Bouncy Eyeshadows with a metallic finish, the Cream to Powder Blush for a powdery-matt look as well as nail polishes with a semi-matt latex or mirror finish. There is beauty in simplicity – by CATRICE.

June 23, 2015

Lovely Color Wear Longlasting Lipstick | Review, Swatches, Comparison, Dupes | Teszt

lovely color wear longlasting lipstick

Lovely Cosmetics joined the satin-matte lipstick bandwagon almost a year ago. There are four colours available, and I will show you all of them today, along with lip and hand swatches. I also have a couple of dupes which I will mention at the end of the post.

A Lovely is csatlakozott a matt ajakkencéket népszerűsítő márkák csapatához. Már egy éve szerezhetjük be a Color Wear matt rúzsceruzákat, amik 4 színben kaphatóak. Ma ezekről írok, ajkakon és kézfejen is megmutatom őket, valamint összehasonlítom őket más termékekkel.

June 22, 2015

Catrice Lumination Trend Edition | Preview + Video

Future Reflection. This summer, pastel rosé and bright pink shades are elegantly combined with shimmering metallics. The implementation of modern rosé gold during the Spring/Summer fashion shows already demonstrated the ubiquitous strength of this extravagant trend. The designers presented futuristic cuts, reflecting surfaces and flowing fabrics. Even the key pieces of the collections, such as decorative golden collars, are solid and stand for newly gained strength, energy and feminine power. In keeping with this, the new Limited Edition “Lumination” by CATRICE is offering multi-facetted beauty products with unique effects from the end of July until the end of August 2015. The must-haves include the new Pure Chrome Eye Shadows with a metallic glow, the Powder Blush in warm rosé gold with a matt finish as well as the baked Luminizing Bronzer with elegant marbling. The blush texture is a true eye-catcher with its rosé gold artwork and relief structure reminiscent of liquid metal. A bright outlook is guaranteed – by CATRICE.

June 21, 2015

Catrice Products Leaving Soon - July 2015 | Megszűnő Catrice termékek - 2015 július

It's that time of the year again... I actually managed to pick up a couple of things yesterday, so the sale is already happening.

Ismét elérkezett a készletfrissítési időszak. Tegnap már sikerült vennem egy-két dolgot, úgyhogy a megszűnő termékek leárazása már fut a Rossmannban!

June 16, 2015

Lovely Butterfly Colors Neon Nail Polishes

A neon színek sokak számára furának tűnhetnek, ezért érdemes nem a legdrágább lakkokkal kezdeni a sort, ha valaki csak barátkozik velük. Itt jön a képbe a Lovely és a legutóbbi limitált kollekciója. Három neon lakkról írok ma, sok-sok képpel kísérve.

Neon colours are intimidating for many people, so if you are new to such colours, it is wise to start with cheaper ones. That's where Lovely Cosmetics becomes relevant. Their inexpensive yet brilliant nail polishes are a great way to start. The recent Lovely spring-summer collection includes a handful of neon shades; I will show you three of them. This is a photo heavy post.

June 11, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights | Neon Glitter Toppers

The China Glaze Electric Nights summer collection was inspired by electronic music, and it offers three neon glitter toppers and nine neon creme polishes. I will show you the neon glitter toppers today (by themselves, as a jelly sandwich, and with matte top coat as well). This is a photo heavy post.

June 9, 2015

Giant Producto Finito PART 1 | Makeup + Skincare

I am here to show you an insane amount of empty products. Grab a cup of tea, it is going to be a long post. I will show you my first makeup items I've ever gotten.

June 8, 2015

Essence Try It. Love It! Trend Edition | NEW Products Fall-Winter 2015

MOST WANTED! essence is introducing the beauty must-haves of the coming fall/winter season with the new trend edition “try it. love it!” in August 2015. The excellent quality of the diverse textures for your eyes, lips, face and nails is extremely convincing as soon as you apply it. In addition to eight perfectly aligned shades in colour schemes like “NUDES” or “GREYS”, the highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes offer a pleasant, soft texture with long durability. Thanks to the liquid lipsticks, the lips are pampered with a reliable combo that provides the coverage of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss – for a radiant finish. A flawless, natural-looking complexion is ensured with the light texture of the new NUDE make-up. The it-colours of the gel nail polishes and further highlights guarantee eye-catching styles. Highly pigmented, full of effects and long-lasting: excellent quality at the best possible price – try it, love it! with essence.

Essence Fun Fair Trend Edition | Preview

Fun and excitement is guaranteed at the fun fair! With the new trend edition “fun fair”, essence is taking a fantastic tour of the fairground from mid July to mid August 2015. The wonderful scent of cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples is in the air and thrilling attractions ensure a lively atmosphere and cheerful visitors. The colour scheme consists of pastel shades like vanilla, apricot, rosé and mint with pink and lavender as a bright contrast. Highlights are the four satin matt nail polishes in sweet colours with four different candy fragrances and the two cotton candy nails for a cool cotton candy effect! The stretchy hair ties are another must-have with their cute lollipop design. Let’s take a ride on the Ferris wheel… with essence!

May 29, 2015

NEW Catrice Products 2015 Fall-Winter | Eyes, Lips, Face, Nails

Beauty & Style. The international fashion shows offer the drive while high-quality, innovative products provide the motivation. Inspired by the fashion trends of the Autumn/Winter season 2015, CATRICE presents the latest make-up highlights for the second half of the year.

May 26, 2015

Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick | Review, Swatches + Try-on

catrice ultimate lipstick review

The Catrice Ultimate Stay lipsticks joined the permanent range last autumn. They have many shades to choose from, and I am going to review two of them. I will show you lip and hand swatches as well.

May 24, 2015

China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour | Don't Let The Dead Bite + Getting To Gnaw You

china glaze apocalypse of colour nail polish

I am here to show you two China Glaze nail polishes from the latest Halloween collection. Why now? Because one of them is a gorgeous shade for spring, and the other one is very similar to an OPI nail polish. This is a photo heavy post.

May 22, 2015

Makeup Revolution Sticks & Stones Palette | Review + Swatches

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette review

Makeup Revolution launched a year ago, and their products went through the beauty community like a tornado. Their products are great; they usually create dupes for well-known beauty products, for less money. Today I am reviewing a palette that is quite underrated in my opinion, so let's shine some light on this little gem.

May 18, 2015

May 15, 2015

Lovely Pastel Pepper Nail Polishes | Drugstore Crelly Polishes

lovely pastel pepper nail polish

The somewhat new Lovely limited collection has been around for a few weeks now. The collection entails two speckled crelly polishes, and a handful of neons. I will talk about the crellies today.

May 14, 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul | Lips + Eyes 2015

I am a year (!!) behind with my Makeup Revolution blogposts, so I thought I would start it off with a haul. I ordered eyeshadow palettes and a matte lip cream as well.  

May 5, 2015

Lovely Summer Sand Nail Polishes | NOPI Roughles Dupes?

lovely summer sand nail polish review

Lovely has a whole new range of nail polishes for summer, a handful of them being sand polishes. They are different from previously seen Lovely sand polishes, because they are kida similar to the Nicole by OPI Roughles. Swatches and thoughts after the jump.

April 24, 2015

Sailor Moon Nails | Pastel Nail Stamping

I remember that Sailor Moon was the coolest thing when I was little. I was in love with the outfits and the characters, and I am sure that most little girls felt the same way. My favourite character is Tiger's Eye from the Amazon trio, I just love him. To honour that part of my childhood, I am here to show you a Sailor Moon inspired nail design.

April 23, 2015

Win a JORD Wood Watch! | Giveaway [CLOSED]

Remember my JORD wood watch review a couple of days ago? I am beyond happy to announce a giveaway, so you can own one of these gorgeous timepieces.

Emlékeztek a pár nappal ezelőtti JORD karóra bejegyzésemre? Nagy örömmel írom, hogy most Ti is nyerhettek egy ilyen szépséges órát.

April 19, 2015

JORD Wood Watches | Ely Cherry

jord wood watch ely

Wooden accessories are undoubtedly making their way into fashion, and I could not be happier about it. I am here to show you a gorgeous wooden watch today. I have many photos, so let's see them!

Egyre nagyobb teret kapnak a fából készült kiegészítők, aminek nagyon örülök. Ma egy gyönyörű fa órát mutatok nektek, és már alig vártam, hogy visszatérhessek a blogoláshoz. Sok-sok fényképet hoztam, lássunk is neki.

April 5, 2015

Avon Nutra Effects Balance Skincare | Review | Teszt

Áprilistól új termékcsalád mutatkozik be az Avonnál, ami a Nutra Effects nevet kapta. A család további négy alcsoportot foglal magába, így mindenki talál a bőrtípusának megfelelő kencét. A négy különböző krém duó mellett egy arctisztító páros is a piacra kerül, ami egy mattító tonikot és egy habzó arctisztítót tartalmaz.

March 16, 2015

Essence Brit Tea Trend Edition | Preview

It’s teatime! From April until May 2015, essence is inviting you to the first garden party of the year with the new trend edition “brit-tea”. Inspired by the classic British tea time, hip products with a retro look are served in the soft colors cream, apricot, mint and lilac – and a touch of bright pink for a spring-like contrast. Decorated with cute blossom prints and floral elements, the design is reminiscent of the décor at a stylish tea party. The lip balm is a special highlight with its gorgeous flower packaging. Other wanna-haves are: the blush embossed with a sea of flowers on the surface and the eyeshadow palette with three soft pastel nuances that complete your brit-tea style. The garden season has opened… with essence! 

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