March 29, 2017

The Easiest Way to Wear Glitter

Hi everyone! 

Long time no see. Hope you are doing well. Today I will write about wearing glitter the easy way.

I don't like to fuss with loose glitter at all, so I am here to share an easy way to wear it. Keep in mind that most of you are probably familiar with this method, and it really is a no-brainer kind of solution after all. Still, if you haven't considered it 'til now, this one's for you.

subtle glittery eye and gradient purple lips

In today's post, I included a subtle NYE look I created all the way back in 2013. It consists of a glittery eye makeup & gradient lip combination that is fine for relaxing at home on New Year's Eve. It is simple and comfortable.

purple glittery eye makeup

I applied a purple eyeshadow on the lid, and patted a glittery cream eyeshadow on top of it. It is basically just pure glitter in cream form, so there is no fallout or mess whatsoever, nor a coloured base that would alter or cover your eyeshadow under it. Mine are dried up a bit, so it resulted in losing the color payoff of the base. It is a lovely accident.

The easiest way to wear glitter is either using a glitter eyeliner or a product I used. Try to avoid greasy cream glitters; I remember NYX used to make those and they were rather bad.

Essence Eye Sorbet cream eyeshadows - the perfect glitter toppers for any eye makeup

The cream glitter I used is essentially the Eye Sorbet pot by Essence. These guys were supposed to be fluffy cream eyeshadows. There is very little pigmentation to them but their glitter effect is gorgeous. They look best when applied as a topper.

Essence Eye Sorbet - 04 Illuminating Plum

top: eyeshadow and cream glitter on top of it
bottom: eyeshadow by itself

Essence Eye Sorbet - 01 Illuminating Pineapple (top; pale gold )
Essence Eye Sorbet - 04 Illuminating Plum (bottom; purple)

Look how sparkly they are!

What is your favourite way to wear glitter?

~ Evinde

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