June 17, 2011

Nail of the Day | Purple Checkered Nails

Today's nails kinda suck as far as nail art is concerned, but hey, it was my first try at this. It's fun for summer. The squares are messed up, sorry for that. I need to master this technique.

Essence Multi Dimension nail polish - 42 Dress To Party (dark purple)
Essence Multi Dimension nail polish - 58 The One And Only (light cream purple)

Would you try this technique? It requires a lot of patience.

~ Evinde


  1. Nagyon szépek! Fölég a sötétlila szín gyönyörű!

  2. Imádnivaló :)

  3. nekem a világosabb lila lakk nagyon tetszik, baromi szép színe van. az egész nagyon jól sikerült :)


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