January 6, 2011

Essence Metallics Trend Edition - review & swatches

Finally, here are my thoughts on the Essence Metallics Trend Edition.

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Metallics was a limited edition between November and December of 2010. As you guessed, this collection is focused on metallic and shiny colours, and has accessories as well.

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I picked up three of the necklaces, however, my original plan was buying only one.(shopping FAIL)

My favourite is the first one on the picture with star pendants on it.(Name: Charming Necklace) When I saw it, I was like : "I found the perfect necklace for Deathstars concerts!" Well, this maybe sounds weird to people, who don't know the Swedish band Deathstars.They LOVE star design on every single thing.On the other hand, a necklace with stars is always cute.

The second necklace is in the center of the picture,called Necklace in Chains.I've never owned anything similar, and I really like the way it looks on me.

The third one is the necklace with a cross on it.(the name is Heavy Cross single necklace) I bought this because I used to be a goth girl (sometimes I still dress like goths) and this cross is perfect for any goth outfit. Moreover, I'm planning to dress like a goth lolita at the next Anime Con, and this would be a stunning accessorie.

Make-up part:

1.Copper Rulez! (brown)
2.Steel Me (silver)
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My favourites are the eyeshadow quads.The pigmentation is amazing (by the way, Essence eyeshadows' colour payoff is not the best), they go on very smooth, almost like cream eyeshadows.In the quad Steel Me the darkest colour has silver glitter to it, unfortunately the glitter disappears after applying it.

Steel Me

I use the lightest colour on my entire eyelid (this is my favourite colour in the palette), then the colour next to it is perfect for the outer half of the lid. I put the third colour to my crease, and the black one is a great outer V colour.

If I had to choose one of the quads, I'd choose this one.I prefer silver colours on my eyes,and this palette has everything I want from an eyeshadow. The gel eyeliner is creamier and softer than the Denim Wanted gel liners,and they're less pigmented. I like the Denim Wanted one more,because it stays on all day (and I'm sure that it would stay on ALL WEEK,but -guess what- I remove my make-up every day. :D)

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They look like fluid metal,so pretty :)

Copper Rulez!

My second favourite quad. The first colour is ideal as an inner corner and browbone highlight. The coppery bronz/brown colour next to it is perfect as a lid colour. The third is also perfect for an all-over the lid colour, but you can mix the colours as well. The darkest colour is ideal for the outer V or for the crease. The gel liner is a bit sheer to me, but it matches the colours of the quad perfectly.

1.Metal Battle (on the top)
2.Steel Me
3.Copper Rulez! (at the bottom)

Metallics have 3 Jumbo eye pencils as well. They are similar to the NYX ones, I love them. My personal favourite is the silver (Steel Me), it has beautiful shimmer to it.Great for the inner corner and gorgeous on the lower lashline.They all are ideal as eyeshadow bases (not primers!colour bases), and these aren't as greasy as the NYX Jumbo pencils.

without flash
with flash

I also got a magnetic nail polish in Nothing Else Metals. I love its colour, so unique, I can't even describe it.And the fun part: it's magnetic! It works well with average magnets too,but the Essence Metallics magnet is nice as well.

Picture from here

To sum it up: this collection is one of my favourites, the quads' pigmentation is awesome ,the JEPs are creamy and soft, the nail polishes are funny and gorgeous, the accessories are must-haves. I love Essence's Metallics!:)

FTC: All of these products were purchased by me, I am not getting paid to make this review.This is my honest opinion.


  1. Oh wow!! This collection is simply amazing!! I really love metallic colours!
    XOXO from a new follower

  2. Awesome. Will have to check them out the next time I am at Ulta. Thanks for the swatches.

  3. Hey fellow Deathstars fan!
    Love the review!

  4. I am very sad I couldn't find this collection at my local Ulta, I guess it was just in some area's! Still searching the internet trying to find a place to buy the collection. Nice pics, thanks for sharing!

  5. @Catanya:Thank you!Yep,this TE sure is one of their best collections.:)

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: you definitely should :)Glad you like the swatches.

    @CookingChinchillas:thank you hun!<3 Deathstars is the best!:'D

    @Anon: I hope you'll find this collection somewhere :)


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