April 21, 2011

Haul & EOTD

Well, this gonna be a really quick post. I don't have free time lately because of my exams in May.
As always, I went shopping this month again, and here are the goodies I picked up:

Ez most egy gyors bejegyzés lesz,mert sajnos nincs túl sok időm a közelgő vizsgák miatt.
Mind mindig,ebben a hónapban is megfordultam pár nekem való helyen ;D (=Müller,Rossmann,DM)


-Alverde Cream e/s: White Petrol 
- S-He Nail Polish : 470 (lovely minty green ^0^ )
- Essence e/s : Hot Spot (discontinued)
- Essence Blossoms Etc lipglosses: Flowerkissed, Naive 
- Essence Blossoms Etc e/s: Forget-Me-Not, A Hint Of Mint (minty green again,huh?)
- L'Oreal Glam Shine Natural Glow lipgloss: Crystal Nude Glow (= 1$ O_o)
- OPI nail polish: Alpine Snow
- Essence Pocket Beauty: Stop Shine Oil Control Paper (discontinued)
- Essence Colour & Go nail polish: Underwater (discontinued)
- S-He lipstick: 391 (it's like Nars Orgasm blush in a lippie form,so pretty)
- Essence Glossy Lipbalm: Toffee Frappuchino (discontinued D:  this one is a backup)

And the actual EOTD/ Napi smink:

Used products / Használt termékek:

Eyes / Szemek:
- NYX e/s base: Skintone
- Essence Sun Club quattro e/s: Long Island Breeze (all over the lid / egész szemhéj)
- Max Factor Max Effect Di-in e/s: Indie Mauve (crease & outer V / mélyítővonal & külső V)
- Essence Pure Beauty Duo e/s Honeybun (highlight & transition colour / kiemelő és átvivő szín)
- Essence Moonlight e/s: Live Forever (center of the lid / mozgó szemhéj középső része)
- Max Factor Xperience Mascara: Black
- Essence Metallics gel eyeliner: Copper Rulez

Lips / Ajak:
- Max Factor Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm: 03 Amber
- Max Factor Vibrant Curve Effect lipgloss: Bubbly

Face / Arc:
- Max Factor Xperience foundation: Fair Sugar Cane
- Flormar P.C. concealer: 01 & 04
- Lovely Sunny Blush: Cinnamon Lady
- Essence All Over Highlighter : Illuminate!

How about your latest haul?
Ti mit vettetek ebben a hónapban?

xo Eve


  1. I just ordered a few NYX items, a bronzer and a cute bracelet! : D WOO! I love haul posts <3

  2. I don't just like, I love. That eye of the day is amazing. Gorgeous.

  3. @Nani: can't wait to see them! (*w*) I love hauls too :DD watchin' & doing,however my family doesn't really respect this huge make-up addiction of mine lol. T_T

    @Alicia: thank you!:) It was a quick and easy one. :)

  4. dejó dolgokat vettél, én vettem egy ruhát, napszemüveget, kardigánt, és néhány sminket:)

  5. HAHAHHAA, oh my! Don't worry! My parents always go "Why do you buy so much makeup? You don't NEED makeup at all! D:" Parents just don't understand ; D Heheh!

    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you! >_<" I've been having this MASSIVE headache lately, so being on the computer wasn't exactly my favorite thing to do - which rarely happens as my entire LIFE is on this thing. lol

    I absolutely LOVE this lipstick! I'd feared that it would be WAY too beige on me and settle into fine lines, bleed etc. but it's probably the BEST nude for my particular skintone so far! I love it! And the smell - nomnomnom vanilla <3 Haha!

    Trust me! I was SOOOO happy when I saw that you won! :''D I was like "OH HELL YEAHHHH \(^o^)" Hahah! I already have the NAKED palette, but I'm so scared of hitting pan that I'm still participating in random giveaways for another.. It's probably kinda unfair, but it's not like I ever win ANYTHING, so yeah.. XD Maybe someday I'll get my luck back. -crosses fingers-

    WOW.. O_O That's a long time to wait! Which ones did u get - brand/line/color? OWW that cosplay is so cute! *_* Your hair is adorable! -pinches cheeks- Haha!

    Are you kidding meee?? I LOVE HELLSING! It's so epic! There's something about them vampire/strange-creatures-animes, isn't there? Haha! I love them! I love Naruto too! I used to hate it.. I'd watched TWO episodes in the past (the battle at the chounin exams between Sakura and Ino) and it was the most BORING episodes EVER.. -___-" but then my ex got me into it and now I'm a complete freak! Haha : D I'm so glad that things FINALLY began happening again -_-" I was SO sick of fillers.. -kicks around-

    OWW! Good luck on your exams <3 I hope you pass them all with flying colors : D
    Ahh, I heard that Cherry Culture was expensive O_O" Oh well.. Do they ever have free shipping offers? I feel that my biggest problem is the shipping -__-" If I buy for 10 bucks shipping is always DOUBLE the amount or something.. so annoying! -fist of fury-

    Woah, long comment back at ya! D:

  6. HOLY SHIETT I didn't know my comment was gonna be THAT long! O_O'''' Sorrehhhh


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