May 22, 2015

Makeup Revolution Sticks & Stones Palette | Review + Swatches

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette review

Makeup Revolution launched a year ago, and their products went through the beauty community like a tornado. Their products are great; they usually create dupes for well-known beauty products, for less money. Today I am reviewing a palette that is quite underrated in my opinion, so let's shine some light on this little gem.

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette review

- compact, travel-friendly and small size
- it includes 14 shimmery and duochrome eyeshadows
- it also includes 2 matte brow powders (can be also used as eyeshadows)
- sleek
- comes with a tiny angled brush and a sponge tip applicator

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette review

One thing that I don't particularly like is the closure of the palette. It has a unique, button-like snap, so it is very hard to open and close. I usually have to open it with a nail file or some kind of sleek and sharp tool. You cannot really have a grip on it because the palette is so thin.

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette
Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow palette - Sticks & Stones

The shadows are very pigmented and buttery, Makeup Revolution is best at their eyeshadows in my opinion. They are excellent, both the shimmers and the mattes. Some shades in the right row have a blue or gold, douchrome-like sheen to them, which is pretty amazing. The green colour has a gold shine, while the purple and the blue colours have a blue sheen to them. The bright pink in that same row is matte. (Again, right row, when you are looking at it vertically).

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette

There is only one shade that is very crumbly and soft, the pale gold on the top, next to the white. Be very careful when applying it, or else you might hit pan on it after 2 uses. The white next to the gold has fallout, so tap your brush before applying it. The other shades are very creamy and pigmented. The matte shades are great as crease or eyebrow colours, they don't have a lot of fallout. The light brown is perfect for very light blondes.

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette swatches
Makeup Revolution Sticks & Stones palette swatches

The swatches that I've seen online so far are so weak and crappy that it's not even funny. Have some actual true swatches, because these lil shadows are pigmented as hell. I did not use a base under my swatches, I never do.

makeup revolution sticks & stones palette swatches
Makeup Revolution Sticks & Stones palette swatches

Makeup Revolution Sticks & Stones palette swatches
(eyebrow powders)

The Sticks & Stones palette is my favourite palette for traveling, because it fits perfectly in my makeup bag (which is quite small), it has both neutrals and fun colours, and it also has matte shades for the brows and for the crease. Can you wish for more? Well, maybe a matte cream shade would have been nice, but I usually take a single matte cream eyeshadow with me anyway.

I tried to search for these 16 palettes on the MUR website and on the Pink Panda website, and I cannot find them. This concerns me, because discontinuing them would be a mistake. 

I created a spring / summer look with this palette, you can take a look at it by clicking here.

Have you tried the 16 eyeshadow and brow palettes?

~ Evinde

 I received the palette as a gift.


  1. Is this new or old? I've never even seen this palette!

    1. Their oldest product is a year old, so I don't know if that counts as old. It came out when the brand launched, and as I say in the post, I haven't seen it on their website in the last 4 weeks, so I'm guessing it's been discontinued.


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