November 12, 2015

MAC & Yankee Candle Haul | 2015

Neither the MAC, nor the Yankee haul was planned, but somehow I managed to get the items at the same time. I decided to put them in a haul post together, again. I say again, because you might remember that I posted a MAC & Yankee haul 2 years ago. The occasion was different this time.

The Yankee stuff was purchased by me in June, all of the scents were on my wishlist, but they decided to get rid of these scents in Hungary, so I had to act quickly. I'm still heartbroken that Mountain Lodge and River Valley has been discontinued here, while people overseas can still enjoy them. It's not right.

Yankee Candle Under the Palms

I purchased a handful of wax tarts, and since outlet products can be ordered through the website only, I did not know the smell of any of the tarts. They are alright, though Silver Birch is a little strong for me. Oh well, I love woodsy scents, so burning it will not be a problem.

Yankee Candle Beach Wood

Yankee Candle Silver Birch large jar candle

Large jars are luxury items for sure, especially when we consider the ridiculous price. The only good thing about a to-be-gone scent is that you can buy the large jars for 50% off, which is still around $18-20 here.

Yankee Candle Evening Air car scent

I will use the car jars in my room & closet. The area is rather small, so the scent throw of these will be enough for me.

Yankee Candle Leather car scent

Yankee Candle Midsummer's Night car scent

Now to the MAC goodies. MAC is so expensive here and so out of my budget that I always make sure to ask for them / buy them on special occasions. The last time I got an eyeshadow pan was 2 years ago, for my birthday, some of you probably still remember that haul post. This time the special occasion was a state exam & graduation, so both goodies were gifts from my family.

I've been eyeing with Idol Eyes for a long time now, it is a lilac-gold duochrome eyeshadow. I've seen a Wet'n Wild eyeshadow that is a dupe of this, but WnW is not available here, so ordering it would have been way more expensive than buying the actual MAC shadow for $20.

Idol Eyes has a lustre finish, so the texture is craptastic, but I am willing to put up with it because I love the unique colour.

The tiny pigments have also arrived to my country, so I hogged Melon. These are also more expensive than in the US, I'm not even surprised. Melon was also a wishlist item for a long time, and it is also a duochrome colour (peach & gold).

MAC Melon pigment

Would you try any of the goodies above?

~ Evinde

Most products were purchased by me; some of them were personal gifts from family.

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  1. Beach wood egyszerűen fantasztikus!!!!!Kár,hogy már nem lehet nagyon kapni :(


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