June 27, 2016

How To Contour Different Face Shapes | Face Chart Tutorial by Catrice

Skilfully making the most of light and shadows. Hiding small flaws and consciously altering the shape of the face – the possibilities are seemingly endless with the make-up trend “contouring”. Depending on the shape of the face, there are various tips & tricks to achieve the best results. 

Carefully applied foundation in the correct colour provides the perfect basis. To contour, use a darker shade than the skin tone to create an illusion of shadows. Lighter shades than the skin tone are ideal for setting highlights. Powdery products like the Sculpting Powder Palette achieve a natural daytime look while the Contouring Cream Palette creates stronger effects. The Highlighting Stick allows targeted, shimmering highlights and the Strobing Duo Highlighter convinces with a light, silky finish. 

The contouring guides for the different face shapes are geared towards the products from the Limited Edition “Contourious” by CATRICE, which will be available in stores from August to September 2016.

 how to contour oval face shape - face chart tutorial

 how to contour square face shape - face chart tutorial

 how to contour heart face shape - face chart tutorial

 how to contour round face shape - face chart tutorial

Check out the Catrice Contourious limited edition here.

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