July 8, 2016

Avon Beauty Haul | Makeup, Fragrance and Skin Care

avon makeup haul

I have been ordering quite a bit from Avon lately, and the main reason is that I finally managed to find an Avon representative in my area.  Today's haul will include eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, fragrance and skin care - in other words, eye candy for fellow makeup loving gals like myself.

avon attraction perfume
Avon Attraction for Her perfume

The goodness in today's haul was purchased during last autumn, so it is a collective haul. 

I am starting the haul with the item I received from my mom for Christmas (well, I dropped hints about it) - the Attraction for Her perfume. Let me just tell you that the ad for this perfume line was hilarious, and it totally made me curious. Turns out that the scent is delicious. It's not too heavy, could be worn all year and it easily can be a fragrance for anyone. I would categorise it as a "smells like home" type scent that mixes elegance and warmth in a subtle way.

Avon Ultra Colour lipstick - Romance (Modern Romance collection)
Avon Little Black Dress roll-on perfume

I bought an Ultra Colour lipstick as well, since I've never had any regular Avon lipsticks before. The shade is a lovely everyday nude pink.

Finally, I decided to buy the infamous Little Black Dress scent in the mini roll-on version. Mind you, I had no idea about a scent, I purchased it blindly. Unfortunately, it smells heavily like white flowers, and that scent category gives me a headache. 

Many Avon perfumes smell like this particular scent, for example the entire Today Tomorrow Always scent family (I own 2 of those as well). What did I learn? Avon has a ton of white floral perfumes, and when people talk about "generic Avon perfumes", they mean these type of scents. I never understood this statement before because I always managed to buy the unique Avon scents that are absolutely incredible (such as the Lacroix Absynthe or the Milla Jovovich City Rush - now both are discontinued). 

I wish Avon could stop discontinuing truly unique scents, and cut back on the white floral ones instead. Do you see my problem?

avon true colour eyeshadow quads
Avon True Colour eyeshadow quads and 8-in-1 eye palette:
1 - Go Natural; 2 - Not So Neutral; 3 - Purple Haze; 4 - Vintage Amnesia; 5 - Smoky Plums

I purchased a bunch of Avon eyeshadow quads / palettes as well, particularly in September and October. For some reason, those two months are always filled with playing horror games and buying Avon eyeshadows - like a yearly ritual. The Avon eyeshadow formula is still one of my favourites, I have mentioned this many times before.

avon planet spa volcanic iceland mask
Avon Planet Spa Volcanic Iceland warming face mask

Another interesting product I've had my eyes on is the warming face mask from the Planet Spa Volcanic Iceland family. It really does warm up on the skin, it's quite amazing and nothing I've tried before. The scent of it is addictive, it smells like fancy massage oils in a spa (or like an elegant man in a suit - you know me, that's my favourite scent ever). 

I liked this skin care family so much that I purchased the Planet Spa Volcanic Iceland body oil as well, you will see it in the next Avon haul.

Avon makeup haul

You can consider this as the first part of my Avon madness; I already photographed and edited my spring and summer Avon haul as well.

Have you bought anything recently? Let me know!

~ Evinde

I purchased the products myself and/or were given to me as personal gifts.


  1. I have the "old" purple haze, and like it, though this new formula is better...I have the vintage amnesia too, but that iridescent purplish-pinkish kind of shade (number 3) looks awful on me unfortunately - but I really like that palette anyway.:)

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I only have a mono eyeshadow of the old formula, I haven't tried the older quads unfortunately.
      I love that many Avon palettes have sneaky iridescent shades in them, I am a huge fan of any kind of iridescence or duochrome effect. That pinkish shade is kind of a wild shade, so I totally understand how you feel. I usually layer it over a black cream base to tone down the hot pink in it.


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