July 13, 2016

Moyra Sizouze | Angel Collection

It's wedding season, so today's review will focus on a nail polish that would be a gorgeous choice for weddings - be the bride, bridesmaid or a guest. You will see many photos of Moyra Sizouze in this review; I didn't want to delete the photos just for the sake of narrowing them down.

moyra sizouze

Based on the online swatch photos on Moyra's website, I wasn't intertested in the Moyra Angel collection at all, they didn't seem any special. I happened to see them in person as well at a beauty supply store, and I was amazed. They are beautiful! 

moyra sizouze
Moyra Sizouze nail polish - Angel collection

As you can see, the nail polishes of the Moyra Angel collection were inspired by different angels. All of the polishes are dainty, off-white pastel colours with the most subtle pixie dust-like gold and silver shimmer. 

moyra sizouze
Moyra Sizouze - 3 coats

Thanks to the combination of the subtle sparkles and the off-white base colour, the nails look ethereal and feminine. Any of the Angel nail polishes would be suitable for weddings, they are absolutely beautiful.

Moyra Sizouze nail polish

Moyra Sizouze is a very light pastel pink colour with gold and silver microshimmer. Imagine a white base that only has 2 drops of pink in it - that's Sizouze.  

Just by examining the bottle in the store, the formula seemed opaque, that was one of the reasons I decided to buy it. Unfortunately the formula of Sizouze is underwhelming, 3 coats are needed for full opacity, you might even need a 4th coat if you have really long nails. It is very patchy in 2 coats. 

moyra sizouze
Moyra Sizouze - 3 coats 

The longevity was average / nice, my apocalypse-proof top coat makes sure polishes don't chip on me quickly.

wedding nails
Moyra Sizouze

I prefer colour over formula, so the fact that I needed 3 coats didn't bother me much. 

Do you like feminine, fairy-like nail polishes?

~ Evinde

I bought the product myself.


  1. Wow, it looks so pretty, especially on the sun. I'm getting more and more into light nude or pale shades, dark colors are starting to collect dust ;)

    1. Thank you! I like them both, dark shades are Autumn & Winter, or rock concert items for me.


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