June 28, 2018

Avon Glow Summer Collection Bits | Review + Swatches

avon glow lip stylo multi stick

I am here to show you two "best friend" type of products that go well with any look. They are nude enough not to colourblock anything else, but summery enough to get away with them if you are going for a classic bronze appearance. 

Avon Glow summer collection
Avon Glow summer collection

I am a big fan of the Avon stylo-type lip products, and I am always interested in new cream blushes and bronzers, that's why I was interested in trying these products.

The Avon press system is pretty nice. They send out the exact PR samples you ask for beforehand, so the chance of you liking the products is bigger as opposed to other PR systems. I knew I really wanted to try these products because I had the feeling I would like them.

Avon Glow lip stylo - Nude Sand

The entire Avon Glow collection comes in a simple bronze plastic packaging which I presonally like.

My favourite thing about the lipstick is the smell, it has a vintage chocolate ice cream type of smell, one that you would remember from your childhood if you were born in the 90's. It is very subtle, yet it sends me down memory lane. 

I could describe the texture as a comfortable matte one: it's creamy, goes on with a slight shine but after an hour, it dries down matte. It feels like the typical dimethicone-type matte formula, so if you don't like the dry, tight-feeling matte lipsticks, this guy is for you. The skinny, precise stylo-shape makes it really easy to apply, even if you have small lips.

Avon Glow Nude Sand lipstick on the lips

The  Nude Sand colour is a neutral beige nude shade, so it pairs well both with cool and warm tones. The pigmentation is excellent, you most likely will be able to achieve full coverage with just one swipe. 

Avon Shine Burst lipstick vs. Glow lip stylo

I compared its size to an Avon Shine Burst lipstick, since these guys have been really popular lately for a good reason. 

Avon Glow Nude Sand lip stylo vs. Avon Shine Burst lipsticks

Avon Glow multi stick - Nude

The Avon Glow multi stick is a thicc boi both in texture and packaging. It is similar to most blush sticks I own already, such as the ones from Essence or NYC. I have a review of the latter one here.

This guy is a burnt pinky nude cream blush. It is packed with subtle shimmer that shows up on the skin as a subtle glow rather than shimmer pieces. I recommend swirling your finger on it to warm it up, and then apply it to the cheek with gentle patting motions, so it doesn't disturb the foundation underneath. 

It lasts pretty good throughout the day, but I recommend setting it with a powder blush or translucent powder if you have oily or combination skin. Layering powder on cream always gives the best longevity.

Avon Glow multi stick - Nude

Being nude shades, I found that both products go really well with brighter summer eye looks. They won't interfere with any other colour on the face.

Avon Glow multi stick - Nude
Avon Glow lip stylo - Nude Sand

Have you tried anything from the Avon Glow collection? Do you like to pair bright eye looks with nude cheeks and lips in the summer?

~ Evinde

The products are press samples.

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