July 29, 2018

My First iHerb Haul | Experience + Tips

iherb haul products

As you guessed by the title, I will share my thoughts and experience regarding the popular webshop, iHerb. This haul post has been long overdue. Let's start!

iHerb is one of those webshops that went totally under my radar until last year. It was brought up by fellow make-up lovers in a group I happened to join, and I thought I'd see it for myself.

If you are not familiar with it, iHerb is a webshop that sells supplements, personal care items, beauty products, groceries and many more. My personal favourite groups are the skin care oils and make-up products.

iherb cosmetic products

Important to note that you can actually get free shipping if you combine your products in your shopping cart effectively. 

There are certain items that are called shipping savers (usually lighter products, such as beauty sponges), and you can reduce the shipping price if you buy shipping saver items. Essentially, and depending on the weight of your goodies, you can combine shipping savers with other items to get completely free shipping, which is the best thing to me. I encourage you to search for a blogpost about this situation before ordering, you can save a lot of money if you do so.

If you are from Central or Eastern Europe, especially from Hungary, iHerb is the place where you want to get your Real Techniques brushes and e.l.f. products for the best price, as these brands are rather difficult to buy for us without spending a lot.

You also get 10% off your first order, that's pretty nice. You can get even more discounts, I talk about them towards the end of the post, as this part is already way too long and overwhelming here.

In my first order, I got items from brands I've never tried before and wanted to try for a very long time. I will give you links to the products that are still on the website, in case you want to check them out.

elf cosmetics lip scrub

The Elf retractable lip scrubs took the beauty world by a storm when they came out, and I finally had the chance to buy one as well. What can I say, the hype is real. These lipstick-looking scrubs are very easy and comfortable to use, the best format a lipscrub can possibly have.

elf small stipple brush

Another Elf item I have been eyeing for years is the small stipple brush, Emily (@emilynoel83) recommends this guy in many of her videos for a good reason. It applies cream and powder products like a dream (e.g. stubborn cream blushes, Colourpop face products).

elf cosmetics undereye powder

Yet another Elf product I can cross out on my wishlist is the undereye setting powder. Many people have been coming for this guy hard as it contains shimmer, but little do they know that the shimmer doesn't show up on the skin. Tara (@Tarababyz) said in many of her videos that this is probably the only undereye powder in the drugstore that does not darken up the undereye area when it hits concealer that is still drying. This claim immediately sold this product to me, since every single one of my loose powders tend to get darker once applied on undereye concealer.

iherb pen and shopping bag
iHerb pen and shopping bag

You can get a couple of products in your first order for only cents, these 2 items above were my choices for now. It's a pen and a reusable shopping bag.

Aura Cacia grapeseed oil

Skin care oils are definitely a group I recommend you to check out. I went with grapeseed oil for now. It is great for combo and oily skin, and it is also the best facial oil to maintain firmness in the skin (and to reduce wrinkles).

real techniques brush set

The last group of items in this post are Real Techniques brushes. Now I've had the sponge for years now (I love it), so a backup did not hurt. 

real techniques brushes
Real Techniques Ultimate Base set

I purchased a 4-piece set for a really good price that contained the expert face brush, the miracle complexion sponge, the deluxe concealer brush and a mirrored case. The price of the set was around 15$, which is a steal. Unfortunately this exact set is not on iHerb anymore, so I can't give you a link.

Overall, my experience is definitely positive, I even placed more orders since this one. Let me know if you would like to see them in a separate post as well.

More iHerb discounts you can get as a customer:

Every single person who registers on iHerb and places at least one order, will get a custom rewards code. This is not just for bloggers, it is for everyone. If you share this code with others and if they use it in their purchase, both you and the people you shared it with will get 5% off additional discount on their order, or 10% off if they purchase iHerb house brands.

You can read about these rewards on their webshite here.

My iHerb discount code is VIN2114, in case you would like to get 5% or 10% off and you'd like to use my code. Again, if you use this code and place an order, I will also get 5% off (or at least that is how I understand this rewards system).

That's it for today.

If you are familiar with iHerb, I would love if you left me recommendations as to what to buy on this website, and what your favourites are.

If you are new to iHerb, do I have your attention? Would you like to buy something on there?

Take care,

Disclaimer: I bought the products with my own money.

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