May 21, 2014

Cute Pastel Nails | Shiny and Matte Polka Dots

Polka dots are always cute, right? I decided to use both matte and shiny nail polishes to create an interesting effect on the nails.

pastel nails & polka dots

The blue base is matte while the green dots are shiny. Because of that, the dots look sorta 3D-ish. The blue nail polish is my favourite nail varnish by the way. It was limited of course. Luckily you can find similar periwinkle shades quite often now.

Essence Blossoms Etc. nail polish (LE) - 05 Forget-me-not (blue base)
Essence BBC nail polish (LE) - 02 Chasing Waves (green dots)
Essence Matt top coat (disc.) - layered over the blue base

Of course you can use any colour combo you like.

Now let me talk about the actual nail dotting tools:

Dotting tools are probably the most user-friendly nail art tools, you don't have to be skilled to use them to achieve adorable nail designs. If you've been reading my blog from the very beginning, you know that I have a DIY nail dotting tool post here, it is the most viewed post of the whole blog with a view count of 36295. It is insane!

However, I will not carry them around because of the pins. They might fall off causing unwanted trouble. These lovely babies are easy and safe to travel with, I'll bring a couple of them with me when I'm traveling to the capital next time. 

They come in a package of 5 double-ended nail dotting tools. You can buy them here. You can also use the coupon code AZB10 for 10% off (it is not an affiliate code).

The great thing about these is the selection of the different sized tips, you can do any kind of dotting design with them. As you can see, these are plain wooden sticks which I prefer to plastic ones. 

Do you like polka dots on your nails? What is your favourite nail art design?

~ Evinde

The dotting tools were sent to me for review purposes.

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