May 4, 2014

YSL Pomegranate Red

It is Springtime, which means that I can whip out my Spring/Summer red lipcolours. The star of the show today is a beautiful YSL lipstick.

red lips & nude eyes

I've been meaning to make this post since last Spring, so the photos are a year old. Now it's Spring again, so finally I can show it to you.

YSL Pure lipstick - 139 Pomegranate Red

Pomegranate Red is a lovely vibrant red, as I said above, Spring red because of the slight coral tone to it. My winter reds are sleeping at the bottom of my makeup drawer right now.

I paired the lips with nude eyes, using the Catrice Absolute Nude palette that was brand new a year ago, it was the star of that current range update. I should really post the review of the palette now.

Catrice Absolute Nude palette on the eyes

Used products:

Catrice Absolute Nude palette - 010 All Nude
YSL Pure lipstick - 139 Pomegranate Red / Rouge Grenade
Flormar Blush-on Pretty Compact blush - P113

I have to say that I love this lipstick, it smells delicious. Everyone should own at least one YSL lipstick in their lives, it is worth it.

What do you think? Have you tried any YSL lipsticks? Have you tried the Catrice palette?

~ Evinde

I purchased the products with my own money.


  1. Gyönyörű lett! :) Nagyon jól áll neked ez az ajakszín. :)


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