February 17, 2011

Essence Fairytale Limited Collection Eyeshadows + Nail Polishes | Review + Swatches

The Fairytale collection is finally here in my country, and I picked up 4 products.

I have 2 eyeshadows, they are really pretty, but unfortunately they are not as pigmented as the ones in the Metallics LE. Both have shimmer. Good thing that they are buildable.

Essence Fairytale eyeshadows - 01 Tinka's Dress; 04 Fairy Berry
(with flash)
More after the jump!
natural light

My favourite is the peachy orange colour called Tinka's Dress, it's my first peachy eyeshadow. It goes well with blue eyes and makes them pop.

As you can see, the Tinka's Dress nail polish perfectly matches the peach eyeshadow

The purple colour (Fairy Berry) is a beautiful shimmery shade. It's a greyish dusty purple with tiny sparkles and fairy dust.

See? It's almost silver in the sunshine. Beautiful!

Essence Fairytale eyeshadow swatches (without a base)

Eye look using the eyeshadows:

peachy makeup for blue eyes

I also bought 2 nail polishes:

01 Tinka's Dress
02 Welcome to Wonderland

The reason of buying Tinka's Dress is the same: this is my first peachy orange nail polish with shimmer.

Essence Fairytale nail polish - Tinka's Dress

The Fairytale nail polishes are definitely 3-coaters, but if you like sheer colours on your nails, these are made for you.

I don't have photos of the purple one yet, because I bought it only a couple of days ago.

Here is the entire collection:

Essence Fairytale limited collection

- unique colours
- ideal for princesses
- pretty colours
- inexpensive
- cute packaging

- the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is not the best
- the nail polishes are 3-coaters

~ Evinde


  1. Hi!Your blog is amazing and very helpful..i have a blog too but it's only in italian ;)...essence is one of my favourite brand cheap but effectual...I'll keep following you!

  2. Thank you!I'm really glad you like it.:) Essence sure is a great brand :)


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