February 2, 2011

Essence I Love Berlin LE | Review, swatches + FOTD (part II.)

Part 2 of the I Love Berlin review, today I'm gonna introduce the lip balms and the eye pads.

I'm starting with the lip balms:

02 City Lights (white)
01 Love This City (red)

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The LE includes 2 different coloured lipbalms, as you can see. There's a pearly white with microshimmer, and the other one is a pinky-red with no shimmer but shine.

natural light

The white one is a sheer colour, perfect for those who like natural / nude products. Good thing that both of them are pretty buildable, however, the red is more dramatic if you layer it.

02 City Lights

Now move on to the red lipbalm: 
One coat is kinda low-key, so if you aren't really a bright lip person, just apply one layer. Using two coats is like you're wearing a pink lipcolour, and layering the lipbalm over and over again is like a bright pin-up red on your lips. My personal favourite is this one because it's my first tinted lipbalm which is bright enough to wear it on it's own. :)

01 Love This City (2 coats)

They go on very smooth and the smell and taste is nice. Both of them are perfect for minimal makeup days when you just stay at home, relaxing. The red is also perfect for a "go-out" day, just be sure you layer it.

Swatches (click for bigger!):

no flash


They stay on well but need to reapply them after eating.

- glossy and shiny
- smell and taste is yummy
- buildable colours
- goes on smoothly
- the red one has great pigmentation
- makes the lips soft
- moisturising

- application with fingers or with lip brush
- no SPF
- you need to reapply them after eating

Here is a FOTD with the white lipbalm:

eyelook coming soon

Cooling gel eye pads:

01 Cool down

Essence says:
"After an exciting and exhausting day exploring the city, what could be nicer than taking a relaxing time-out and replenishing your energy? The practical eye pads with a cool lash application put the sparkle back into tired eyes! Simply chill in the fridge and then place on your eyes, lie back and dive into another world – soon you’ll be in great enough shape to visit the Fashion Week! "

It really gives you a fresh feeling on your eyes after using it. I have the WORST dark circles,so sure I'll use it as often as I can! :)

Do you own any of these products? Share your thoughts, I love reading your comments.

~ Evinde


  1. Hey i love them , I'll get them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow , i got my new years eve prize today :)
    I love how the lip balms look on lips :))

  2. Oh Dikii,you have to show me when you got them!:D I'm sooo curious :)


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