February 24, 2011

Huge Haul: Make-up & Anime Related

I bought goodies last weeks, and since I love reading/watching haul posts/videos,I thought I share it with you.

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Essence has a huge sale,because there are new products,which will join their permanent range in March.This means that some of their old stuff will be discontinued. :( They also had sale on the Metallics products,so I bought everything from the TE, except the products that I already had.
I also picked up more Miss Rose goodies,because I'm in love with my palette which I bought in January.

I took a separated photo of the palettes .As you can see,there are 4 Metallics eyeshadow quads by Essence.Well, 2 of them will be parts of my giveaway,when I reach the 100th follower.

I also took a photo of the nail polishes,they are so pretty!

And now,here is the interesting part for anime/manga lovers & otakus.:)

Few days ago there was an AnimeCon,so -of course as always- I went there,and got these beauties!:)

L,Yagami Light and Ryuuk (Death Note)

My very first cosplay was Misa Amane from Death Note,and I was eyeing with these figures for a while,so I had to pick them up.A set includes 3 figures: L, Light and Ryuuk.(There's a set vol 2.,which includes Misa,Rem and L) For those,who don't know WTF is this: Death Note is a really badass-bloody-mystic anime/manga with a great story,so I def recommend watching it. However Hellsing is my all time favourite "OMG-WTH-GIMME!" anime/manga, Death Note is still in my top 5.


Moreover, I bought 3 pins (for those who dunno: I'm a HUGE pin collector). One is a Gazette pin and 2 of them are Nana pins.Nana is my other obsession,I can't even write down how much I love this anime.

I found a small Asian shop in Budapest, I was so happy! I'm a huge fan of sushi, and I decided to make my own at home,so I bought the basics.

Now hands up! Do you like shopping?

xo Evinde


  1. amazing haul!! :) I'm waiting for essence sale!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Alice!:) If the sale arrives to you,let me know what you bought!:)

  4. It’s the one day in your life when everything, just everything has to be perfect. From your hair to your make up to your clothes to your shoes. And it’s no easy task ensuring that you look that way.

  5. tök jó az essence haul, örülök neki, de a Death Note figurák mindent visznek...
    nekem megvan a sorozat mindkét díszdobozos kiadása, a falamon meg egy nagy wallscroll van. :) a polcokon meg persze sorakoznak a mangák a Hellsing-gel egyetemben...

  6. a körömlakkok és a paletták tetszenek leginkább, remélem lesz még ilyen bejegyzésed :)

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    1. Thank you so much! Really good to hear such nice words :)


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