January 18, 2014

Monthly Favourites | December 2013

It is time to check in with the beauty products I used the most in December. January is exam month here for the ones at college / university, so it has been a very busy month, that's why I'm so late. I will not do a January favourites post because of the same reason, I didn't have time to play with make-up.

Skin79 Intense Classic BB cream
Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation - 100 Fair
Max Factor Whipped Creme foundation - 40 Light Ivory

I like to mix stuff: foundations, blushes, mascaras. I've found a great combination that I love. The Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation and the Skin79 Intense Classic BB cream are the perfect pairing. The MF is a little too liquidy and pink on my skin, while the BB cream is thicker and more white in colour. Mixing the two gives a great colour match, as well as full coverage and lasting power.

My other favourite face product has been the Max Factor Whipped Creme foundation, which is the exact same thing as the Covergirl Whipped foundation in the US. I received a sample at the blogger event in October, and I quickly realized that this thing is photoshop in a jar. I purchased the full size in December, I was lucky enough to notice the sale that was going on (-25%). Usually, it is a very expensive drugstore foundation, it is around 20-25$, which is a LOT for such a tiny jar. It erases my pores, stays on all day and goes on effortlessly.

Essence Eye Sorbet - 04 Illuminating Plum
Maybelline Eye Studio Quad -10 Blue Drama

I also used a lot of blue eyeshadows in December, even though we didn't have snow or cold weather unfortunately. In my opinion, blues are the ultimate shades of winter and Christmas season, and I need to use blue colours more often anyway. I have blue eyes, so if I wear blue eyeshadows, my eyes appear grey, and I love that.

Essence eyeshadow - 57 In the Clouds (disc.)
Essence Stay All Day cream eyeshadow - 07 Jim-Me Blue (disc.)

Max Factor Wild Shadow pencil - 35 Bold Sapphire; 45 Blue Ice Fury

The mauve cream eyeshadow in the glass jar is by Essence, it is basically cream glitter. Wrong advertising? It is def. not pigmented enough to be a cream eyeshadow, but it is amazing as a glitter top coat over anything. Putting on glitter can be annoying, you can't really find glitter glue around here. Just buy this! 

Essence Metal Glam highlighter - Gold Digger (LE)
Sleek Blush By 3 palette - Lace

Moving on to cheek products. My newest favourite highlighter is the Essence Metal Mania shimmer power, it is a lovely champagne shade. If you're tired of pink toned highlighters, but you don't wanna use stark gold highlighters, try this baby.

I also pulled out the Sleek Blush By 3 palette for the rose gold colour called Guipure. It is the exact same colour as the single blush in Rose Gold. It is definitely a Spring & Summer blush, but I just felt like using it in December because of the beautiful gold shimmer. Sleek blushes are highly pigmented and great quality, you need to try them.

YSL Pure lipstick - Pomegranate Red
Miss Sporty - 58 Malaga
Astor - Nudie (disc.)
Essence lipliner - 10 Femme Fatale (disc.)

Christmas is the season of red lipsticks. I've been waiting all year for December to wear my winter red lip products. The YSL lippie is a satin pomegranate red with medium pigmentation for low maintenance. The one in the center is Malaga by Miss Sporty, it has insane pigmentation and almost neon-like tomato red colour. Both of them are cool toned reds, making my teeth look whiter. The Femme Fatale lipliner is a great pairing with them (soon to be discontinued). 

Since I used a lot of blue eyeshadows, I paired them with a pinky nude lipstick by Astor. These lipsticks are not available anymore unfortunately. I've never tried the Revlon lip butters, but I'm pretty sure this one is similar to those. It glides on like butter, has a lovely shine and feels like a lip balm.

Two old friends from last year: the Essence Apple Cinnamon Punch (LE) handcream and the Isana Winter soap both smell like mulled wine that I consider a Christmas scent.

I also need to mention two new friends as well: the Balea Sternenschweif winter edition shower gel smells like a cozy room with a fireplace, that's all what I can think of. If you're from Europe and you have DM drugstores near you, pick this puppy up.
The other product I love is the Treacle Moon My Coconut Island body butter. You probably know that I absolutely love this scent, I've been raving about the budy scrub of this range. It is a thick butter, and surprisingly it absorbes into the skin quickly.

Finally, let's see the mascaras. The Oriflame Wonder Lash mascaras are in my top 5 lengthening mascaras. They should get more love. The Wonder Lash Hypnotic is on the left, it also has a silver coloured mascara on one end. The one in the center is the Wonder Lash Intense, and honestly I can't tell a difference between this and the Hypnotic one.

I need to mention my eyebrow mascara too, it was a limited edition piece (of course) from the Guerilla Gardening LE by Essence. It is such a nice & effortless products, I can do my eyebrows in 10 seconds.

What are your current favourites?

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. (kicsit fura az angol szövegre magyarul reagálni, de azért megteszem :-)
    Nálam a Sleek palettám (Vintage Romance), a Color Tattook voltak a nagy kedvencek decemberben.
    Én is szőke, kék szemű vagyok, de nem nagyon szeretem a kék szemfestéket magamon, lilával sokkal jobban érzem magam.

    1. Egyáltalán nem fura. :)
      A VR a Sleektől nagyon szép kis kollekció lett.
      A kékkel szerintem ez ez egy baj van, hogy egyáltalán nem látni senkit kékkel sminkelni. Pedig milyen kár! Azért pl ha több youtube gurut látna az ember kékben, talán máshogy állnának hozzá a színhez is. Én azért folytatom a népszerűsítését. :)

  2. Majd írsz arról a BB-ről tesztet légyszíves? *.*

  3. Már régóta szemezek a Sleek pirosítókkal, de még nem adtam le rendelést, félek, hogy nem használnám őket...:) (van két pirosítom, és csak ritkán nyúlok értük). A két piros rúzs gyönyörű :) Nekem decemberben a MUA Undressed paletta és a két Color Tatoom volt leginkább használatban. Rúzsok közül az új Avon rúzsom a Sangria volt állandóan az ajkaimon (http://rekablogol.blogspot.hu/2013/12/novemberi-decemberi-szerzemenyek.html)

    1. A Color Tattooimat nekem sem ártana többet használnom. :)

  4. Nice selection! Essence always have great products. Products to come this year will be awesome!


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