October 29, 2014

Bath And Body Works Fall and Halloween Scents 2014 | Haul + Review

Where should I start? Bath And Body Works sells the most delicious smelling products, not to mention the adorable packaging. I am here to talk about these babies today, because you don't see products like these in Europe.

People who have constant access to BBW probably have no idea how lucky they are. I'm talking to you, US people. As far as I know, BBW is only available in the States. If you are from Europe, from Central Europe to be quite precise, you can only dream about getting anything from BBW, because the eBay shipping prices are ridiculous. The pocket bacs, for example, cost about 2$ on eBay, plus 7$ for the shipping. In case of combined shipping, each item adds 3$ more to the already high shipping price. Or let's look at the hand lotions. The price of those is about 8$, and the shipping is another 8$. Ordering BBW products from eBay is only for the brave (and wealthy) people.

Bath And Body works Fall and Halloween Scents 2014

My friend's brother visited the States in August, and of course, we gave him a list of what to buy for us. I've been eyeing BBW products ever since I started my blog in 2010. The easiest way to get my hands on differents scents is to get the pocket bacs, and they happened to be on the infamous 5 for 5$ sale. Score! I travel twice a week by train, and I also use public transport, so you can guess that I use a lot of hand sanitizers.

BBW pocket bacs: Fall & Halloween scents

They are so adorable, I love the sleek packaging. By the way, BBW has new packaging for these now (click here), and they are not cute at all. I think they are just testing how the new packaging sells. 

Bath & Body Works pocket bacs / hand sanitizers

The scents I have are Fall and Halloween scents, plus Stress Relief, which is permanent. They smell amazing! You can choose from 70-80 different scents. If you live in Europe, and want fancy hand sanitizers with good ingredients, the only option is The Body Shop. I own 2 hand gels from the Body Shop, but you can only choose from 5 or 4 scents, depending on the season. Not cool.

Bath And Body works pocket bacs:
Sweet Cinnamon Apple
Cozy Vanilla Cream
Hoot Berry

Bath And Body Works scent descriptions:

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin:
Relax into the comforts of fall with this inviting blend of harvest pumpkin, sweet vanilla cream & freshly ground cinnamon stick

Cozy Vanilla Cream scent description:
Whipped frosting and sweet cream warmed with vanilla bean create a cozy treat

Hoot Berry scent description:
Freshen up with the juicy fragrance of mixed berries and vanilla musk.

Bath And Body works pocket bacs:
Mr. Hedgehog Orchard Apple
Stress Relief

Mr. Hedgehog Orchard Apple:
The fresh scent of crisp apples picked from the orchard

Stress Relief:
Eucalyptus essential oil clears the mind while Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts to help improve concentration

Sounds delicious, right? The descriptions are legit, they smell pretty much like that. I have to add that Stress Relief smells like a gorgeous man's cologne, you can barely notice the mint after applying it. I love this one! You know that I love my deep and spicy manly scents (elegant-man-in-a-suit scents, not teenage-boy-with-AXE-deo scents).

Bath And Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin pocket bac (aka the bae)

drug facts & other info

You get 29 ml of product. Using up these little things is very easy. Usual hand sanitizers have 100 ml of product in them, the Bodyshop ones have 60 ml of product.

Now let's move on to the actual review:

I can't just use any kind of hand sanitizer / soap, because I get a rash from them. The only kind of hand sanitizer that does not gave me little red bumps is the Bodyshop hand sanitizer, and I'm happy to say that these BBW ones don't give me a rash either. Tres bien! If you suffer from sensitive skin on your palm, give these a try.

I also have to mention that the scent of these lasts for hours, even after washing your hands multiple times. I love that. Huge thumbs up to BBW.

So Bath And Body Works had me at hello, basically. Why, oh why can't they sell their stuff in Europe? I will treat these little things like gold.

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. Hát én most nagyon irigykedem :( :D De gondolom nem vagyok ezzel egyedül :)

  2. Sure the U.S. people don't know the chance they have! Now you can order on the usa webshops and deliver it in europe via systems like Shipito. It's a kind a PO box. Your order is delivered to them and they ship it back to you, internationaly, and it's cheaper than ebay

    1. Thank you, I will check that for sure!


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