October 23, 2014

SILVER HAIR, DON'T CARE (+ Silver Eyes & Blue Lips)

...or grey. I haven't decided yet if it is silver or grey. You tell me!

makeup for silver / grey hair
smink ezüst színű vagy szürke hajhoz

There is no particular reason why I dyed my hair silver, and I don't really need one. I was curious. Too bad it fades quickly. I really enjoyed being Sephiroth. (the photos were taken in July)

silver hair, silver eyes with double eyeliner, blue lipcolour

I wanted to match my makeup to my hair, so I used silver eyeshadows. Silver was my most loved eyeshadow colour when I was 16, it looked great (and still does!) with blue eyes. Hope it will be more popular in the future. Cool toned eyeshadows need more attention.

silver eye makeup, double winged eyeliner

The products I used on my eyes are the following:

silver / grey hair

The products I used on my face and lips are:

~ Evinde


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