October 15, 2014

Catrice Viennart Trend Edition - Preview + Videos

Beauty Vernissage. The fascinating glamour of Art Nouveaux is celebrating an impressive comeback. Floral elements and elegant lace applications attract the attention of the front rows at the international fashion shows. Designers are placing great emphasis on a modern interpretation of slim silhouettes and ornamental prints. The Limited Edition “VIENNART” by CATRICE unites this trend in an artistic and extremely feminine beauty collection. From mid November to December 2014, various red nuances are combined with apricot. Mauve is contrasted with metallic lavender and modern gold as well as shimmering mother-of-pearl create glamorous highlights. The absolute must-haves of this collection are the Baked Eyeshadows with an intricate lace embossment, the Scented Powder in a decorative spray bottle and the silver pocket mirror. Fascinating Art Nouveau – by CATRICE.

This LE will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordanian, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, and Myanmar.

VIENNART by CATRICE – Baked Eyeshadow
Artfully Decorated! The three limited Baked Eyeshadows ensure an expressive eye make-up style. The powder eyeshadows have a high pigmentation and guarantee intense colour-dispersion. Available in a choice of lavender, gold and mauve, the eyeshadows have a feminine lace embossment. Available in C01 Pearly Plastering, C02 Stunning Stucco and C03 Lovely Lace.

VIENNART by CATRICE – Shimmer Lip Colour
The Kiss. Pure pigments and finest shimmer particles are guaranteed to make your lips shine. The texture is pleasant and soft, and the elegant packaging with floral ornaments is an absolute eye-catcher. Soft nude, fresh apricot and dark Bordeaux open up so many possibilities – from subtle daytime make-up to an elegant gala look. Available in C01 Nude Nouveau, C02 Klimt‘s Gentle Kiss and C03 Klimt’s Ardent Kiss.

VIENNART by CATRICE – Scented Powder

Creating Accents. The transparent, fragrant powder not only sets beautiful highlights on your face and neckline thanks to its subtle shimmer, it also gives your skin a wonderfully pleasant, floral scent. The decorative, round glass bottle with a balloon pump atomizer has a nostalgic charm and distributes a thin layer of powder on your skin. Truly a must-have product.

VIENNART by CATRICE – Powder Blush

Art Collection. The Powder Blush offers a touch of colour and an artistic embossment. Fresh apricot and light nude are united in an ornamental pattern and give your cheeks a radiant look. Available in C01 Floral OrnARTment.

VIENNART by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Lace Lacquer. Four nail polishes convince with ultimate colour, ultimate coverage
and ultimate shine. The effects vary from colour to colour, and give the light motherof-
pearl, lavender, apricot and Bordeaux an individual character. The unique
packaging stands out with its floral-ornamental print. Available in C01 Pearlescent
Purpose, C02 Vienna Rose Woods,
C03 LilART Lily and C04 ARTful Red.

Reason to smile. The folding pocket mirror with a silver packaging belongs in every
handbag. The symmetrical floral-ornamental pattern pays homeage to the Art
Noveaux era. Ideal for a quick beauty-check when you’re out and about.

Catrice Viennart video preview

Catrice Viennart nail design video

This is such a cute trend edition, I adore the products. What do you think?

~ Evinde

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