April 24, 2015

Sailor Moon Nails | Pastel Nail Stamping

I remember that Sailor Moon was the coolest thing when I was little. I was in love with the outfits and the characters, and I am sure that most little girls felt the same way. My favourite character is Tiger's Eye from the Amazon trio, I just love him. To honour that part of my childhood, I am here to show you a Sailor Moon inspired nail design.

pastel Sailor Moon nail design

I used pastels and sparkly toppers, because in my mind, both go well with the Sailor Moon theme. I somehow managed to use 10 different nail polishes to create the mani, that's crazy. I will list everything at the end of the post.

Sailor Moon nail stamping

It was a struggle for me again, I probably spent 2 hours trying to stamp on my nails. I am a little sad that the center design was way too big for any of my nails, I could not make it look good. I used smaller symbols, and they turned out okay. 

You can find the Sailor Moon nail stamping plate on the BPS website. If you are a huge fan of anime / manga like myself, this thing is for you. The quality of the plate is just as great as any of the stamping plates that are available on the BPS website, and I managed to find similar ones on ebay too. 

Sailor Moon inspired nails 

You can still use the code AZB10 to get 10% OFF when buying pretty nail art accessories on the website.

Used products:
  • Essence Holographics duochrome nail polish - 01 Gagalectric
  • Essie St. Lucia Lilac
  • Essence Nail Art Twins - Edward
  • RDLY - 04 Party Glam
  • Catrice - 420 Dirty Berry (not shown on the photo)
  • Essence XXXL Shine Multi Dimension - 74 Fall for me
  • Essence Cute As Hell - 03 Not Just Cute
  • Essence Special Effect Topper - 03 Hello Holo
  • Catrice Million Styles Effect top coat - 02 Holo, que tal? (not shown on the photo)
  • Catrice Colour Brightening base coat with keratin - 01 On top of the Alpes
Did you like Sailor Moon as a child?

~ Evinde

The stamping plate was sent to me for review purposes.


  1. This is so, so, so beautiful and magical! I love it!

  2. Szerintem így is szuper lett! :)

    Van egy jó tippem arra, hogy tudod használni a túl nagy mintákat a körmeidre:

    Némi gyakorlást igényel, de szerintem hasznosítható :)

  3. Nagyon jól néz ki, "varázslatos" a végeredmény :)


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