July 10, 2015

Catrice Holo Que Tal Micro Flakie + Favourite Periwinkle Nail Colour

catrice holo que tal topper nail polish

Today's post was absolutely unplanned, but I decided to show you a Catrice Million Styles Effect top coat that is going to be discontinued. I used it on top of my favourite periwinkle nail polish, so I thought I might as well show you the outcome.


catrice holo que tal topper nail polish
2 coats of periwinkle undie + one coat of Catrice topper

Two of the Million Styles Effect top coats are leaving the permanent Catrice line this month, so here's a glimspe of Holo, Que Tal? before it's gone. You can decide if you want it or not. I think it is a pretty accurate cousin of China Glaze Fairy Dust. I say cousin, because it spices up any nail look while being subtle, yet this one is a multichrome micro flakie topper, while Fairy Dust is a scattered holo glitter.

essence colour & go absolutely blue
Essence Colour & Go - 125 Absolutely Blue
(in fact, absolutely periwinkle)

Holo, Que Tal? is not a holo; the colour of the flakies goes from green to yellow and pink. I did not even realize that it was a flakie polish until I checked the photos. You'll see at the end of the post that the flakie particles are very tiny. They show up as microglitter on the nails if you're not looking at your nails up close.

catrice holo que tal topper nail polish
Catrice Million Styles Effect top coat - Holo, Que Tal? in shade

The periwinkle undie is Absolutely Blue by Essence (Colour & Go family - dicontinued), and it is my favourite periwinkle polish that I own. Periwinkle is my favourite colour, and this nail polish has the perfect amount of purple and blue in it, though it looks more blue on the pics than it is in real life.

Everyone disses the Essence Colour & Go polishes for chipping off too soon, but I did not have any probem with mine. A good base- and top coat is key, mine did not chip at all (I've been wearing it for 4 days before changing my nail colour). I will be on a hunt for a dupe, because my Absolutely Blue is already halfway gone.

Catrice Million Styles Effect top coat - Holo, Que Tal? micro flakies

Catrice Million Styles Effect top coat - Holo, Que Tal?

Again, the Catrice topper is going to be discontinued soon, so you might want to pick it up before it's gone (if you like it, that is).

Do you like these Fairy Dust-like subtle top coats?

~ Evinde

I received the Catrice topper at a blogger event as a gift. The Essence polish was purchased by me.

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