July 25, 2015

Giant Producto Finito PART 2 | Silicone-free Hair Care, Makeup, Skincare, Nail Polish, Perfumes

Remember the first part of my huge empties post? Well, here is the second part of it. Lots of "very first" products coming up after the jump! 

empties - silicone-free hair care

Alterra Pomegranate & Aloe Vera silicone-free conditioner:
I did a 9 months long silicone-free hair treatment in 2013 and these were excellent conditioners. You can go through these really fast if you have long hair. Repurchase? Yes, if I decide to go silicone-free with my hair care routine again.

Alterra Almond & Jojoba silicone-free shampoo:
Same applies to this as to the products above, it is a great silicone-free shampoo that smells very good. Repurchase? Yes, if I decide to go silicone-free with my hair care routine again.

Isana Oil Care hair coinditioner:
Another hella nice silicone-free product with incredibly delicious scent. I wish this scent existed as a perfume. Please do smell this at Rossmann, you won't regret it. Repurchase: Yes! I would repurchase this any time, regardless of silicone-free hair routine. The smell is unreal!

Isana Intensive Care shampoo (bottom right):
Another nice silicone-free shampoo, my family loves this one too. We are still using it as of now in 2015, so that answers the repurchase question.

Syoss Repair & Fullness shampoo & conditioner (bottom left):
Again, other decent silicone-free products. They smell like nettle [csalán], which is kinda weird, but other than that, they are very nice. Repurchase? Maybe.

Head & Shoulders Sports Fresh shampoo:
I've told many times that I HAVE to use either Head & Shoulders or the minty Dove shampoo, otherwise my scalp falls off in giant flakes, and I get scars on my head (no, it's not dandruff; it's some kind of allergic reaction to an ingredient in other shampoos). Since H&S supposedly has palm oil in it (you shouldn't buy anything with palm oil in it, google it), I'd love to find some other kind of minty shampoo, because the Dove one is not available anymore. H&S works amazingly for me by the way, it's the only kind of shampoo that I can use without the scalp problem. H&S shampoos will eat your eyes out because of the mintiness, even if it's are nowhere near the eyes. They will still sting the eyes like a bitch. [i_cri_errytiem.png]

empties - face creams

Balea Soft & Care mattifying face cream:
I used to love this, but my Bebe mattifyer is a lot better. This one mattifies for a couple of hours as well, and smells nice. Too bad that ingredients in Balea face products are kinda risky, so my only reason for not repurchasing this is the ingerdient list (alcohol & witch hazel, both are very bad for the skin).

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich face cream:
It was my mother's go-to face cream, she used up probably 4 of them. However, her skin has gotten very wrinkly in a short time, and then we realized that there is the bad kind of alcohol in it. No repurchase anymore. I just don't understand why a fancy and expensive brand like Vichy puts shitty ingredients in creams. I really don't.

Bebe Mattifying gel cream with green tea:
Aka the best face cream out of the three in this post. It has better ingedients than the Vichy one (!!), and mattifyes better than the Balea one. I've used up probably 5 of these already. You'll see them in future empties posts. There is a review coming up as well. Excellent face cream for oily skin. God bless Bebe and their nice ingredients. Repurchase: hell yes.

empties - face wash and makeup removers

Cadeavera regular eye-makeup remover:
Nope. No. Doesn't do anything and stings like hell. I used it to remove swatches from my hand. The bio-phase one of this kind is a lot better (next to it on the pic). Repurchase: never.

Cadeavera 2-phase eye-makeup remover (new packaging):
I used to love this, I went through probably 10 of them. It sometimes stings the eyes, so I'm using a different one now (Garnier 2-phase). I would not repurchase this anymore.

Oriflame Pure Nature Blueberry & Lavender calming face toner:
I had the whole set of the Oriflame Blueberry & Lavender family, they are nice and smell amazing, this one included. Repurchase? I'm not even sure that they make this anymore, but I would not repurchase it. I don't use toners anymore.

Essence Pure Skin Anti-spot wash gel:
I bought this for 300 HUF (~ $1) when it was discontinued, and boy, was it amazing! Now I haven't checked the ingredients of it because I didn't pay attention to it back in 2013, so I'm not sure about them. The consistency is weird, because it's a legit cream, like rich hair conditioners. I find the Essence Pure Skin products to be very nice; they are a lot better than Balea products. Repurchase? Yes, if it still exists. They either repackaged it or discontinued it forever, I'm not sure.

Babe Aloe Gel samples:
I used up more than 2 of these, they are very nice. Purchase the full size? No, because now we have actual aloe plants, and I use the aloe gel directly from the leaf of the plant.

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream sample:
It had a funky smell and it was very hard to work it into the skin. Would not buy the full size.

Tony & Guy Straight & Protect shampoo sample:
It was OK; the sample was so tiny that you couldn't tell if it actually worked. Would not purchase it.

Dove anti-perspirants - various scents:
Dove works for me better than any other kind of anti-perspirant, I'll keep buying them. Love them. Repurchase? Yes!

Lacalut mouth wash samples:
I used these while travelling, they were decent. I prefer a different one though, so no repurchase.

Pearl Weiss whitening toothpaste:
This one is the kind for people who smoke. I don't smoke (I hate the smoke!), but I drink a lot of coffee and I was told that it is the stronger one out of the two kinds. It did not really work though. No repurchase.

Colgate MaxWhite One toothpaste:
This one works a lot better than Pearl Weiss. Repurchase? Yes!

Sensodyne Rapid toothpaste:
Lil sample for sensitive teeth, which I have, so I enjoyed it quite a lot. Purchase the full size? Yes, I have.

Essence Pocket Beauty Clean Sensation hand gel:
Most cheap hand sanitizers make my palms break out (I know, right), and unfortunately this one was no exception. I used it up regardless. It's been discontinued years ago. I am planning to try the new hand gels by Essence, they will hit stores this autumn.

Merz Special Dragees for hair growth:
These are the best hair growth vitamins I've tried, they work beautifully. Revalid blows goats compared to this, I have not met a person who liked Revalid. I could write a 40 page long rant about Revalid. I would buy the Merz ones again if I needed my hair to grow strong and fast. They are amazing, I highly recommend them.

Isana Almond nail polish remover:
So chep yet so nice, I've been using up heaps of these. The scent can be quite strong in the summer, but it does not bother me anymore. Repurchase? Yes.

Florin hand cream (Aloe scent):
These Florin hand cream are very greasy, so I use them on my feet and heels. They work great for that. If you have very dry hands, you'd probably love them on the hands too. For me, it's too heavy on the hands. Repurchase? Maybe, but I still have a few of them in my stash.

Avon Scentini Rose Fizz perfume:
One of my signature scents, both girls and boys compliment me when I wear it. It must work well with my body chemistry. It is a beautiful floral scent, and it lasts on my skin quite well. The Scentini perfumes are excellent in my opinion, I have all of them. Rose Fizz is definitely the best one for me. Repurchase? Yes, I have bought 2 backups.

Adidas Pure Lightness fragrance:
It is a fresh and pleasant scent that is unique. I used it when I was part of a dance group 7 years ago, but it is also a great scent for workout sessions. Repurchase? Yes, if they still make it.

Shirley May Cool Splash fragrance:
I got it when I was little, probably 10 years ago. It is a typical generic fresh scent that is nice, but almost every brand has one of this exact scent. Poor thing was old as balls when I finally decided to use it up in 2013. No repurchase.

empties - nail polish

Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails top sealer:
My favourite top coat. Now that I own Seche Vite, I can confirm that it works just as well, and it does not smell as bad as Seche Vite does. This one was disontinued, but you can still find variations of the BTGN top coats (gel effect, etc). Repurchase? I can't, but I would! I still have 2 in my stash.

Essence Studio Nails 24/7 nail base coat:
A very nice ridge-filling base coat. I'm using one currently in 2015, so yes, I'd repurchase it.

Miss Sporty nail polishes
My very first nail polishes, I got my first one when I was 12. They look so cute, but these are the only nail polishes that went bad on me after using them up halfway. I own over 300 nail polishes, and none of them went bad on me so far (contrary to popular belief, most nail polishes doesn't go bad at all if you store them the right way).

Sissy clear nail polish:
I did not like it at all. It was peeling and chipping. Still have some in the bottle.

S-he Stylezone shimmery black nail polish:
It was a decent black polish. I would not repurchase S-he nail polishes anymore, they are not that good at all and dry slowly.

Essence nail hardener:
I used it as a top coat because it had tiny sparkles in it. I liked it. I can't repurchase it; it's not available anymore.

Essence Colour & Go shimmery black nail polish:
I liked this one a lot better than the S-he nail polish. I actually used it up all the way, but it coated the walls of the bottle. It's not available anymore.

Essence SOS Nail Care Balm:
It was OK, I prefer their current nail balm that is on clearance now.

Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops:
I don't think they worked at all, but used it up regardless. Would not buy any drying drops from any brand.

Balea LE lipbalm:
Was part of a limited edition at some point. Balea lipbalms ain't shit, except for the Urea kind in a tube. All the other ones are really bad, they don't do anything at all. Same applies for most Cadeavera lipbalms too. If I had to choose a worst lipbalm, I'd pick the ones from Balea and Cadeavera.

Cadeavera Milk & Honey and Pearl lipbalms:
As I said, these don't do anything either. They are just sitting on the lips while being kinda greasy. Would not recommend them to anyone.

Avon Rich Moisture lipbalm:
It was vaseline in a stick form, basically. I don't like vaseline, so I did not like this one either. Would not recommend it.

Avon Spiced Winter Wonderland lipbalm:
Most products that are spicy (as in winter spice) go bad too soon. My winter spice Essence handcream had the same problem, it smelled gross before even opening it. Same applies for this lipbalm. I used it up most of it, but it smelled so bad that I ended up tossing it. I would not buy anything that has a winter spice smell.

Labello (=Nivea) Chamomile & Calendula lipbalm:
I love the scent of this, and the balm itself is okay. Labello chapsticks are hella overrated, while in fact, they don't do much. I'd repurchase this one because of the smell, and because it is probably the best one out of all the Labello chapsticks as far as caring goes.

Primus Chamomile lipbalm:
You can buy these at pharmacies in Hungary, and they indeed work amazingly. They actually heal the lips. I went through many of these. I would repurchase it.

Carmex lipbalm stick:
Darkness, my old friend. You probably know that I find the Carmex hype ridiculous, becasue it used to be very expensive in Hungary (1300 HUF) for what it is, and also it has irritating ingredients in it. It was so creamy that I wasn't able to roll it up or down, I had to scrape out the product. Major fail. The price is a lot friendlier now, but it still has irritating ingredients in it, and I have cheaper chapsticks that work a lot better. Don't belive the hype.

Neutrogena lipbalm:
It was okay, my Isana one is still better than this. I used to have a Neutrogena lipbalm in a jar which worked perfectly, but I can't find it in stores anymore. It is interesting how jar lip products work a lot better than the stick ones of the same brand, I hear this rule applies to Carmex as well, and it sure applies to Labello / Nivea.

Essence Glossy Lipbalm - Vanilla Shake:
These are nice little balms / glosses, I used up 3 of them in different scents. This vanilla one went bad before I could finish the entire tube.

L'Oreal Glam Shine and Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds lipglosses:
I bought them on clearance for 200 HUF, which should have been suspicious. They went bad after 2 months of using them, which is the reason why they were on clearance. Otherwise, they were lovely, but I could not finish up the whole tube.

Clear lipgloss (bottom left):
The text is not visible anymore, but there used to be an amazing and cheap beauty brand at Tesco 12 years ago, and I loved it. As you can see I used this up entirely, it was a clear gloss originally. I wish I could remember the brand!

Pink shiny lipgloss (bottom right)
I have no brand name either, but I bought it at a beauty supply store. It was a random Chinese brand and smelled like soap, but the colour was beautiful. It was one of my very first makeup items as well, I got it when I was 13. 

Bright blue mascara (middle):
Yet another product of that brand I don't remember the name of. Bought it at Tesco, as I said. It was my go-to mascara; my makeup look consisted of concealer, this mascara and a sheer lipgloss when I went to secondary grammar school (I was 16). It had crazy pigmentation; coloured mascaras are not this vibrant these days. Oh, the memories. I loved this product.

Suhada duo mascara (with a base coat):
Lidl used to carry its own makeup brand, and they were pretty nice items. This one was a nice mascara. One end had the white primer, and the other end had the black mascara.

Aden Cosmetics black glitter eyeliner:
It was already dead when I bought it. The lady shook it up before selling it to me, so I would not notice. It was useless; separated so badly that I wasn't able to make it work at all.

empties - eye and eyebrow pencils

Look at these tiny pencils, this is what I call entirely used up products. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tosses a pencil that is only halfway gone while stating that they used it up entirely. Why must you lie to me, it's obviously not gone yet.

Miss Sporty eye pencil - Sky:
It was a lovely blue colour, but the pencil was very hard. I had to melt it each time I used it, and  it occasionally made my eyes red. Would not recommend Miss Sporty pencils. Let's hope they changed the formula since then.

Essence black kohl pencil:
It was a lovely and soft black pencil, I enjoyed it a lot. You can still buy it! It did what a kohl pencil is supposed to do (= it smudges easily).

Essence eyebrow pencils - light brown:
They had tiny sparkles in them so your eyebrows could be fabulous. Joke aside, they were very nice, and the sparkles did not show up. They have reformulated them since, so the sparkle is gone.

I went down memory lane with this one, hope you find it helpful. Now I can move on to the goodies I used up last year, I already have the photos on the laptop.

Click here for PART 1

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money or were personal gifts from family.


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