July 6, 2015

Essence Make Me Pretty Trend Edition (Brushes!) | Preview

Beauty experts… with its brushes for every style, the new trend edition “make me pretty” by essence ensures beauty all around from August to September 2015. All of the brushes have soft, high-quality synthetic bristles that make the application of various textures as easy as child’s play. The gorgeous designs with graphical patterns in bright colors turn these beauty helpers into true eye-catchers. The wanna-haves of this trend edition are the multi use eyeshadow brush, which is a true multi-talent as it unites three applicators in just one pen, and the cool brush box for storing all your favorite brushes. Be happy… with essence!

essence make me pretty – eyeshadow blender brush

Eye contact! The eyeshadow blender brush with flat bristles is the ideal tool for blending eyeshadow. It ensures a smooth finish in just a few controlled strokes. Available in 01 keep cool & brush on.

essence make me pretty – precise eyeshadow brush

Absolutely accurate… The rounded shape of the soft bristles allows a particularly accurate application of powder eyeshadow. Perfect for detailed results. Available in 01 eye to eye.

essence make me pretty – multi use eyeshadow brush

Trio-talent! The multi use eyeshadow brush is the ultimate highlight in this brush collection. The practical tool unites three different eyeshadow applicators – an angle, a sponge and a crease brush – in one pen. The bristles of the angle brush are ideal for applying sophisticated, detailed styles on your lids and brows, while the sponge brush is great for the application of eyeshadow on larger surfaces of your lid. The crease brush is for shading and contouring in the crease of your lid. The applicators can be interchanged and put together again effortlessly. Available in 01 cool tools.

essence make me pretty – eyebrow comb

Wow brows! The eyebrow comb with two different ends is the optimal tool for perfectly defined eyebrows. One end captures eyebrow powder to emphasize your brows while the other is used for combing unruly brow hair. Available in 01 here comes the brow.

essence make me pretty – lip brush

Pretty lips! Can’t always achieve a flawless lipstick look? You can with the lip brush! The slanted bristles allow a clean and accurate application for perfect results. Available in 01 shhh, just kiss me.

essence make me pretty – concealer brush

Undercover… The rounded brush is an expert at smoothly blending concealer. No more dark circles under your eyes or unwanted redness on your skin! Available in 01 beauty is my business.

essence make me pretty – powder & highlighter brush

Powder partner! The fanned out, super soft bristles and the special shape of this brush allow a simple application of loose or pressed textures on larger areas of skin. The brush makes powder and highlighter easy to blend for a flawless finish. Available in 01 powder to the people!.

essence make me pretty – blush brush

Rosy cheeks. The blush brush with a special, slanted brush head and soft bristles adapts to the contours of your cheekbones for a particularly smooth application of blush. The brush is also ideal for shading and modeling. Available in 01 blush up your life!.

essence make me pretty – bronzer brush

Summertime … You’re sure to achieve a perfect, natural-looking glow with the bronzer brush. Its flat shape and supple bristles capture just enough bronzing powder to ensure a summery hue on your face and body. Available in 01 walkin on sunshine.

essence make me pretty – liquid brush cleanser

So fresh and so clean! You can remove all make-up residues quickly and easily with the liquid brush cleanser. This way, all brushes are hygienic and ready for use again in a flash! Available in 01 be-you-tiful.

essence make me pretty – brush box

Think outside the box. The cool, bright turquoise box in a cylinder shape is the ideal home for all your favorite brushes. Now you can always keep your brushes close at hand – on your bathroom shelf or when you’re on the road. Available in 01 message in a box.

This Trend Edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, South Africa, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Nepal, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Israel, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, and Tunisia. 

essence “make me pretty” will be available in stores from mid August to mid September 2015**.

**as long as stocks last

~ Evinde

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  1. i think the Essence (and Catrice) brushes are really good! i use them for years! no way i won't buy them!


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