September 11, 2015

Producto Finito #9 | Hair Care, Body Care, Makeup (Empties)

Alright guys, here's yet another post featuring a bunch of empties. I used these up in the first half of 2014, and I photographed the empty bottles in July, 2014. I still have a huge folder filled with empties photos sitting on my laptop, and I have yet to photograph my current empties from 2015. You can expect at least 4 more empties posts in the near future. Anyway, let's focus on today's products for now.

Serical Latte and Frutta hair masks

I have been using these Serical hair masks for 8 years, so you can suspect that I have repurchased them many times. I use the Frutta (=fruity smell & fruit acids) in spring & summer, and I use the milk peptide one when the colder months come around. You can buy a huge (1kg!!) honking jar of these for 4$, can't get any better than that. I use them for detangling twice a week, and occasionally use them as masks and leave them on my hair for 30 minutes. Great products for colour treated or damaged, or even just tangly hair, but I'd easily recommend them to anyone with medium to long hair. These masks are Italian products, by the way.

Isana Oil Care Argan silicone-free shampoo & conditioner
Syoss Color & Volume silicone-free shampoo
Gliss Kur Hair Repair leave-in conditioner (Liquid Silk; Total Repair)
Dove Intensive Repair leave-in conditioner

Mentioned all of these products in previous empties posts, so I will not write much now. Would repurchase everything except the Dove detangler, because I did not like the scent.

Wake Up! Lemon & Tea Tree shower gel
Isana Pearl Extract creme dusche / shower gel
Balea Sternenschweif shower gel (LE)
Aveo Cherry Blossom shower gel (disc.)

I have repurchased all of the shower gels above multiple times. Now, I'd only buy the Cherry Blossom one if I could, but it's not around anymore. The Wake Up! lemon one is awesome as well, it really wakes you up in the morning.

Isana and Balea hand soap
Isana Spring hand soap (Bergquelle)
Isana Summer hand soap (Hibiscus & Lemongrass) 
Balea Dark Glamour cream soap (LE)

The Isana seasonal soaps smelled very much alike, and I would not repurchase any of them. Loving the photo of the spring soap though! I bought the Balea one multiple times, but it was limited edition, so I can't get it anymore. It was a great smelling soap. Isana & Balea soaps are drying for my hands anyway, so I use something else now.

Doliva bath salt
Radox Lavender bubble bath

I would not purchase any of these, but I liked them both. I received both of them from friends & family as gifts. The Radox bubble bath smells so calming, it really helped me to relax after a shitty day. Gonna repurpose the Doliva jar though! It's a sturdy glass jar.

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating toner and face scrub
Bebe Peeling & Waschgel (=scrub) for combo skin
Bebe face wash & eye makeup remover (tiny tube)
Oriflame Blueberry & Lavender toner

Would not repurchase the toner, there was a bad alcohol party in there. It didn't do anything besides drying my skin out, so it became even more greasy. 

Both of the face scrubs are great, repurchased them many times. I think the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating scrub was discontimued because I cannot find it anywhere. 

The Oriflame toner and the tiny Bebe face wash are nice as well, but I'm not sure yet if I'd repurchase them. 

Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing 2-in-1 make-up remover for face and eyes

It is so much better than the overhyped Garnier micellar water, it's not even funny. It removes waterproof eye makeup like a dream and can be used on the face as well to remove foundation. It does not break my skin out. Repurchased it many times & will do so in the future. It doesn't sting or irritate the eye area, so peeps with sensitive skin can use it as well. This is the only Garnier product that works for me.

makeup empties

Essence Bohemia lipgloss (LE)
Do you even remember the Bohemia LE? It was 7-8 years ago that I purchased it. It went bad on me unfortunately, but I used up 85% of it, the rest is stuck to the side. I need to finish 30 more lipglosses before I buy a new one. Good luck to me.

Essence Stay All Day long-lastimg concealer (10 natural Beige)
First of all, always cut these open! You'll have 4 more weeks worth of product. 
I love these Essence concealers, the coverage & texture is amazing. Repurchased them many times & will continue to do so. If you haven't tried them yet, you are missing out. They are just as good as the NYX HD ones, but for 1/3 of the price. (NYX is very expensive here!)

Max Factor Mastertouch concealer:
I loved this little dude even more than my Essence one, it had even better coverage. Too bad it is very expensive, and you get like 2ml of product. Ridiculous. MF should stop being so expensive altogether. Wouldn't repurchase it though, not even on sale, because the new Essence concealer in the tube is my favourite now. That one has 7x more product in it and only costs 3$. 

Oriflame EyeLiner Stylo eye pen (black):
I kid you not, I used this for 4 years straight. It did not want to die. It was my first marker pen style eye liner, got it when I was 16. It was an amazing product, would repurchase it in a heartbeat. Not sure if they still make it, though. One of my all-time favourite products.

Oriflame blue eye pencil:
I tossed the remains, so I don't know the shade name, but it was a soft and creamy faded blue eye pencil with great lasting power. It wasn't filled all the way to the bottom, you can see that there is a good bit left of the pencil itself, but the actual "filling" was gone already. I will not purchase any pencils for now, I have to use up the ones I already own. It was a nice product, regardless. It is sensitive-eye-friendly.

Essence Pocket Beauty mini hair spray:
I won this lil dude on the Essence forum a couple of years ago. I don't use hair spray at all, ever. I just don't need it because when I curl my hair, it stays that way 'til the next washing. I used it up when I was making fake dreadlocks for one of my Halloween looks. They don't make it anymore.

There's also a lipstick on the photo, I have no idea of the brand, but it was my mom's, I bought it for her in a dollar store type shop when I was little. It was a pearly beige colour.

catrice infinite matt foundation empty
Catrice Infinite Matt foundation

I used up one of the Catrice Infinite Matt foundations. You probably know that it is my Holy Grail most loved foundation, and I have many backups, because it was discontinued. They brought it back with a different name, but I haven't tried that one. 

The Infinite Matt is the most flattering foundation that will ever touch your face, especially if you have rough skin texture, big pores, scars or oily skin. It sits on the skin like a dream, doesn't transfer, lasts for more than 8 hours, and applies like a true Asian BB cream. It is just perfection. God bless this product, really. I've recently used up another one of it. The lightest shade is great for pale people, and it is probably the palest foundation you'll find in Hungary at the drugstore. It has very nice ingredients as well.

It stops pumping product when 1/5 is still left, so you have to scrape it out to get every drop! Don't waste it, guys. This thing is like gold.

Essence Me & My Ice Cream lip balm:
I have a review of it here. You can find these balms in the regular selection as well, they suck. Wouldn't buy any of them.

Essence Glow tinted lip balm:
Now this kind is a lot better than the one above. It was soft and moisturising. I think they discontinued them. The bad ones are still available, unfortunately.

Fanta lip smacker:
Love it, would repurchase it.

Cynex lip balm:
I think I got this at Penny Market. It wasn't good, man. It just wasn't.

Essence Glossy lip balm (tube, top line right side):
I used up 2 of these actually, I loved them. The scent on the pic is not available anymore, but they are decent lipgloss & balm hybrids.

Neutrogena Immediate Repair lip balm:
Also talked about it before, I used up 2 jars altogether. The Neutrogena jar lip balms are way better than the roll-up kind. I can't find them anymore, so I guess they were discontinued years ago. They were on clearance 5 years ago, that's when I bought 2 of them.

NYC Turbo Dry top coat & Essence BTGN top coat:
Bought many of the Essence one, it is just as great as Seche Vite & less stinky. I'm not sure about the NYC one, I can't remember if I liked it.

Misa (yes, Misa, not Missha, idk why) Cho Bo Yang BB cream
TonyMoly Red Appletox Honey cream
Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule
Essence Purifying nose strips

The Korean product samples were amazing, I bought the full size of the Appletox cream since then. I am planning to buy the Cho Bo Yang BB cream (on the left), but the crazy thing is that the sample was enough for 8 full face applications, because the coverage is so high. I flipped my sh**. I still have one sample left. The full size is hella expensive for my budget (~6000 HUF), but I'll buy it eventually.

The Mizon ampoule was nice too, might buy the full size. The Essence nose strips don't work for me, but it's not necessarily the product's fault. No pore stip or peel-off pore mask has ever worked for me, so I guess I just have very deep pores. 

Essence Studio Nails BTGN 3 in 1 nail polish remover
Essence Coconut + Papaya moisturising nail polish remover
Rexona Biorythm Ultra Dry a.p.
Dove Cucumber & Green Tea a.p.

The only thing I would repurchase is the Dove anti-perspirant. Rexona doesn't work for me at all, and the scent above was atrocious. The nail polish removers are okay, but I like the Isana nail polish remover more.

Essence Pure Skin Anti-spot moisturiser
CadeaVera Neck & chest cream with Korean Ginseng
Essence LE hand creams (pomegranate; apple pie)
Isana body lotion (cap only)

Let's just take a moment of silence that I used up a 75ml Essence face cream. It took me forever. It is a very nice face cream for oily skin, but it stopped mattifying after 2 uses. Guess my skin got used to it. Cut the thing open, there is a lot of cream left in the tube!

The CV neck cream was nice, but I wouldn't repurchase it. The cap you see belongs to an Isana body lotion, I purchased probably 3 of them and used up most of them. Would repurchase it in the future, it sinks into the skin very quickly.

The Essence limited edition hand creams are still amazing, but I can't repurchase them. I also talked about them many times in empties posts. I still have a couple of them to go through. They moisturise better than the L'Occitane ones, but I like both kind.

Himalaya Sparkly White toothpaste (x2)
Colgate MaxWhite One toothpaste

Toothpaste is rather boring, but I wanted to talk about the Himalaya Sparkly White toothpastes, because they are overhyped as hell on krémmánia. Now usually if something is overhyped on that website (it's a Hungarian website similar to MakeupAlley), they are for sure 100% fails for me, so I don't even visit the website anymore. I remember that one time a lady gave a lipstain a really bad review 'cause she tought that it was a bad lipgloss. Like, really? Are you for real? It's like dissing an apple for being a bad chocolate cake.

I liked that the Himalaya toothpastes didn't have a gross minty taste, I cannot tolerate minty toothpaste, it makes me throw up. My problem with them is that they made my teeth hurt like a motherfucker, I couldn't even believe it. They did not whiten my teeth whatsoever, by the way. So sad that they did not work for me.

The Colgate MaxWhite One is alright, I like it. Would repurchase it again, have repurchased it in the past.

Tea Lights (brand) Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Cherry tea lights

These tea lights are surprisingly good and they throw a rather strong scent. Both are autumn & winter scents. I just remove the wick and throw them in my wax warmers. Would def. repurchase them. They are very cheap, too.

This post took me forever to write, so I hope you enjoyed it. Have you tried any of the products above? 

~ Evinde


  1. Huge empties-post! You used a lot of products :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Ada. It felt like I was writing the post forever, especially that I had a lot to say. :)

  2. Long post but totally worth it! The Garnier 2-in-1 remover is my all time fav!

    1. I feel like I haven't seen your comments in forever, Natalie! :) Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the Garnier remover too, it's a lil miracle worker for a very good price.


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