August 25, 2015

China Glaze Haul and Swatches | August 2015

First rule of polish addiction: there is no polish addiction. I've been collecting China Glaze nail polishes since last October, so today's post is about another collective haul. I am going to show you 13 shades with swatches.

I purchased my first China Glaze nail polish in October, then bought many in March and April. I was writing my thesis at that time, and I did not have motivation to do my makeup, so I was focusing on my nails instead. The multitask master in me was glad, because I could do that while reading. The result of concentrated stress is the amount of nail related posts in the last 6 months, which is quite a lot.

china glaze nail polish haul
collective China Glaze haul

china glaze neon glitter

You have already seen the neon glitter trio in a separate post, which is linked above. I will link individual posts under the photos, so if a nail colour is already up on the blog, you will find it. This applies to any other haul on the blog as well.

china glaze neon glitter
China Glaze Electric Nights neon glitter polishes:
Can I Get An Untz Untz - Let The Beat Drop - Point Me To The Party

china glaze sea spray wonderlust
Wonderlust - Sea Spray - What A Pansy

What A Pansy was part of a beautiful spring collection last year; Sea Spray is now part of the core line (and my favourite CG colour!), and Wonderlust is part of this year's Road Trip collection. I've read many reviews about the latter collection, so the fact that Wonderlust had a bad formula wasn't new info to me when I bought it. I wanted to get it anyway because I fell in love with the colour. Oh boy, it really has a craptastic formula.

china glaze spring nail polish
China Glaze spring nail polishes:
What A Pansy - Wonderlust - Sea Spray

china glaze halloween nail polish
China Glaze Halloween nail polishes:
Boo-gie Down - Don't Let The Dead Bite - Getting To Gnaw You - Rest In Pieces

We arrived at my favourite part of the haul: the Halloween nail polish section. CG wasn't available for many years here in Hungary, so I still miss many gore-geous (get it?) Halloween pieces (It's Alive, Zombie Zest), but I'm still very happy with my purchases. I bought many of them with 50% off, too. God bless Nailland Hungary! I even managed to buy a backup of Don't Let The Dead Bite.

Rest In Pieces - Getting To Gnaw You - Don't Let The Dead Bite - Boo-gie Down

china glaze nail polish
There's Snow One Like You - Choo-Choo Choose You - Lubu Heels

The rest of the polishes are autumn and winter pieces. Choo-Choo Choose You was the IT-colour of the autumn collection last year, Lubu Heels was just a wishlist item, and There's Snow One Like You was just too cool not to buy. It looks like real snow!

Lubu Heels sucks unfortunately, I will write a big separate blogpost about it.

china glaze swatches
Choo-Choo Choose You - Lubu Heels - There's Snow One Like You

 Can I Get An Untz Untz - Point Me To The Party - What A Pansy - Wonderlust - Sea Spray - Rest In Pieces

Choo-Choo Choose You - Lubu Heels - Getting To Gnaw You - Don't Let The Dead Bite - There's Snow One Like You - Boo-gie Down

nail polish swatch sticks
China Glaze nail polish swatches

china glaze haul
China Glaze haul

Which one is your favourite piece? Also, how many bottles of nail polish do you own? I want to put myself in perspective and I am very curious. I am usually that one person who admires one's nail polish stash as a guest at a friend's house (with permission, of course).

You might be interested in my OPI haul as well.

~ Evinde

I purchased the products with my own money.

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