April 9, 2016

Collective Nail Polish Haul + Swatches | Flormar, RDLY, Sally Hansen, Essence, Lovely, Catrice, Moyra

nail polish haul

I have been collecting nail polishes from several brands so that I could make one big collective haul. I am featuring over 30 bottles of nail polish that I purchased over a year and a half. Today's post will be eye candy for anyone who also loves nail painting.

collective nail polish haul

First of all, many of the nail polishes have their own posts already, so I will link those under the photos featuring them. 

I started to purchase items for this haul in September, 2014. I already posted my China Glaze, OPI and Golden Rose hauls a while ago, those posts have been sorted according to brand. Today's haul will include a lot of various brands, and the good thing is that I always try to buy nail stuff on sale. The cheapest piece was half a dollar, while the most expensive one was around $4-5 if I convert it from our currency (it was the Sally Hansen one). About 98% of the polishes were on sale, around $2.

flormar black dot nail polish
Flormar Black Dot glitter crelly - BD03 Pink; BD01 Grey; BD04 Blue
Flormar Feather Look glitter nail polish - F05 Kingfisher

Crelly glitter is my favourite nail polish finish when it comes to spring and summer, and since the selection is very little in my country, I was beyond happy to find the Flormar Black Dot polishes. Unfortunately I could only pick up 3 of them when the clearance sale was going on last summer. I also love bar glitter, so I also snatched up the Flormar Feather Look glitter topper in Kingfisher. As you probably guessed, the polish was inspired by the Kingfisher birds.

flormar black dot swatches
Flormar Black Dot swatches (L-R):
BD04 - BD01 - BD03
rival de loop young nail colour
Rival de Loop Young nail colour:
30 Fantasia - 31 Magic Dream - 04 Party Glam
I bought the RDLY nail polishes when they made their way to Hungary over a year ago. The middle one has it's own post, linked above.

Rival de Loop Young nail colour swatches:
04 Party Glam - 31 Magic Dream - 30 Fantasia
moyra holographic nail polish
Moyra Holographic nail polish: 
No. 253 Luna (green); No. 251 Sirius (silver)
I added two bottles to my tiny collection of holo nail polishes, both are by Moyra. The muted green one is already up on the blog. I am still planning to buy the blue coloured one from the same collection.

I bought Luna because a muted green holo is unique to my collection, and I bought Sirius because of the name (and also because I didn't have a silver holo nail polish). I knew that the names in this collection were inspired by space, planets and stars, but Sirius is also my favourite character from Harry Potter. 

Moyra Luna & Moyra Sirius swatch

sally hansen pacific blue original
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Pacific Blue (original)
If you are into nail polish, you are probably familiar with the Sally Hansen Pacific Blue controversy or whatever it was. If you are not, SH basically reformulated and changed the colour of Pacific Blue, which was a cult favourite shade. I was searching for the original one at numerous stores, and I found one last bottle at a random Tesco when I wasn't expecting it.

I had my eye on it ever since Amarixe introduced it as her favourite back in 2011 (!!), but again, SH wasn't available at that time in Hungary. The original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is a beautiful cobalt blue shade, even though Catrice used to make similar ones that I already own. I don't have an exact dupe though.

Essence Colour & Go - 173 Over the Rainbow (periwinkle multichrome)
Essence Colour & Go - 190 Kiss Me, Freddy (green glitter)
Essence Hello Autumn thermo nail polish - 03 Charlie Seen In Green

Essence Effect nail polishes:91 Candy Crush - 92 Love Apple - 17 Never Stop Dreaming
I also purchased a couple of Essence nail polishes, they all were on some kind of sale / clearance. I am beyond happy that I was able to get the perfume set. I almost ran out of my first bottle of Candy Shop, and the set disappeared from my Müller for 8 months. The nail polishes it came with are gorgeous, and both of them were on my wishlist. Two birds with one stone.

Essence Lika A Day At A Candy Shop fragrance set
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Essence Colour & Go - Over the Rainbow
Essence Colour & Go - Kiss Me, Freddy
Essence Hello Autumn thermo - Charlie Seen In Green
Essence Effect - Never Stop Dreaming

Catrice nail lacquer:C04 Entering Atlantis - Le Grand Bleu collection (dark blue with pink glitter)
C03 Metalight - Metallure collection (rose gold foil)
46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore (self-explanatory name)
66 Blue And A Half Men (named after fave TV show)
Some of the Catrice nail polishe above and below were wishlist items of mine, and the other half of them were lying in a sale basket, hidden on a shelf at the store. You can find gems in sale baskets, I love them.

Catrice Luxury Lacquers:06 Bronze Upon A Time
04 Lost 'N Roses
05 Plum Fiction
C01 Golden Plum-E (Feathered Fall LE)
Now would you kindly look at the shade names of the Catrice nail polishes, Catrice is winning the nail polish shade name game.

Catrice nail polish swatches:
Plum Fiction - Lost 'N Roses - Bronze Upon A Time - Golden Plum-E
Berry Potter & Plumbledore - Blue And A Half Men - Metalight - Entering Atlantis
Lovely Cosmetics Pastel Pepper Nr.1 (orange); Nr. 2 (blue)
Lovely Cosmetics Blink Blink flakey top coats - Nr.6; Nr. 7

Almost all of the Lovely Cosmetics nail polishes have their own post up on the blog already, I linked all of them. I loved last year's Lovely collections for S/S. This year's collections are not in my store yet.

Lovely Cosmetics Summer Sand polishes - Nr. 4 (blue); Nr. 5 (mint); Nr. 2 (peach)
Lovely Cosmetics Butterfly Colors neon polishes - Nr. 2 (yellow); Nr. 1 (orange); Nr. 1 (green)

Hope you enjoyed the haul, have a lovely weekend.

~ Evinde

I purchased the products with my own money.

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