April 26, 2016

Claire's Unique Matte Glitter Nail Polishes | Haul, Review + Swatches

claires glitter nail polishes haul

I don't have constant access to Claire's stores, but when I finally make it to one, they sure surprise me with awesome indie-like glitter nail polishes. I will show a bunch of them to you today, including flower, heart and snowflake glitter bits.

claires glitter nail polishes
Claire's glitter nail polishes

I bought these little gems during last summer, and I still see them in recent instagram hauls, so they must be still around. 

They are so unique and cute, all of these glitter polishes beat the pants off of indie glitter toppers. The best thing besides the quality is the price, I bought them for 300 HUF (= around $1) a piece. Their regular price is $5, which is still a very good price considering that indie glitters like these would cost me a freaking fortune with the shipping price, not to mention that some indies don't even ship to Central Europe.

Let's see what they look like, I will show swatches as well.

claires citrus glitter nail polish
Claire's Citrus - heart shaped glitter nail polish
Claire's Citrus glitter nail polish includes tiny orange bar glitter, white small heart shaped glitter and white hex glitter of 3 various sizes. I usually pair it with a pastel yellow base colour.

claires citrus
Claire's Citrus nail polish

claires sea green
Claire's Sea Green - flower glitter nail polish
Claire's Sea Green is the sister polish to Citrus, except this one has white flower glitter instead of the heart shaped ones. It also has tiny green bar glitter, green hex glitter, and white hex glitter in different sizes. I paired this one with a pastel peach shade.

claires ditsy floral blue
Claire's Ditsy Floral Blue - flower glitter nail polish
Claire's Ditsy Floral Blue is one of my favourites. To start off with, it has pink, white, light blue and sky blue medium hex glitter pieces. It also contains sky blue flowers and tiny white hex glitters. Beautiful! I paired it with a baby blue undie on my swatch.

claires ditsy floral yellow
Claire's Ditsy Flower Yellow - snowflake glitter nail polish
Claire's Ditsy Floral Yellow medium orange, white and light green hexes, small sunshine yellow and white hexes and baby pink ---- snowflakes. Yes, snowflakes, see the pic below. I'm sure they were tryna mask them as white flowers though, but they still are snowflakes. Amusing. Paired this one with a mint green.

claires ditsy floral yellow

Heads up: if you missed out on OPI's flower glitter called Petal Soft, any of the Claire's flower glitter polishes would make a nice alternative.

claires ditsy
Claire's Ditsy
Claire's Ditsy is my favourite piece of the bunch, it looks gorgeous over China Glaze Sea Spray. It is the best pairing of life. It beats everything. Ditsy includes big white and blue hexes, medium baby pink and white hexes, small lime green and white hexes and hella small orange and white hexes. Stunning! I wish I could find a backup of this.It looks like a happy field of flowers.

Claire's Ditsy with China Glaze Sea Spray
Claire's Ditsy paired with China Glaze Sea Spray

claires forest fruits
Claire's Forest Fruits matte glitter nail polish
Claire's Forest Fruits is another stunning ine, it has pastel pink, white and black hexes in different sizes. Forest Fruits looks especially charming when paired with a light grey undie. Baby pink and grey is an amazing colour combination.

claires sequins
Claire's Sequins matte glitter nail polish
Claire's Sequins is a hot pink glitter bomb. It has black, white and hot pink hexes in different sizes. It also includes long and skinny bar glitter in pink and black. I love bar glitter, however, the bits in this one tend to stick up if you aren't careful. Just make sure you manipulate them a little. If you missed out on OPI On Pinks & Needles, Claire's Sequins is the alternative you wanna go for, except this one is more fun.

The photo is kind of blurry on this one, I apologize. Sometimes when I resize them, the software completely butchers the photo.

claires valentines
Claire's Valentines nail polish
Claire's Valentines is obviously a Valentine's Day nail polish. The red heart shaped glitter and the white hex glitter is just so adorable, I picked it up simply for collection reasons (I mean it's $1, that's a steal). I am happy that the red hearts don't bleed, though that would make it an anti-Valentine's nail polish with the bleeding hearts in it. Kind of a cool concept.

claires matte glitter nail polish swatches
Claire's matte glitter nail polish swatches
On the swatch photo, you can see Claire's Fluffy - a white glitter mix. I have no bottle shot of it because it looked plain white. It looks like snow.

claires rome
Claire's Rome nail polish
Claire's Rome is not a glitter polish, but oh boy, is it gorgeous. It glows on the nails. Rome is a duochrome-ish turquoise metallic piece, it shifts from dark blue to light teal. If you are on a hunt for the ultimate summerry ocean / sea-colored nail polish, this one is for you.

claires liquid metal nail polish
Claires liquid metal nail polishes - Liquid Metal Purple and Liquid Metal Rose Gold
I also bought two of the liquid metal nail polishes, and turns out that the Claire's liquid metals are exact dupes for the Sally Hansen Color Foil polishes. Both of them cover in one coat, but I used two layers to deepen the colour. You need to shake foil nail polishes! These ones are friendly to shake in the sense that you only need to shake them for a minute to get even colour.

Claire's Liquid Metal Rose Gold and Purple

This little butterfly dude was helping me to photograph the nail polishes above, it usually likes to sit on my shoulders too. It's weird. Pics were taken at the end of last October, when the weather was sadly hot with the ridiculous temperature of 29-30°C. Poor butterfly couldn't quite understand the hot weather either.

Have you tried Claire's unique glitter polishes yet? Which one is your favourite in this haul?
Also, please let me know if you would like to see these nail polishes in separate manicures.

~ Ev

I bought the products with my own money.


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