May 26, 2016

Collective Makeup Haul | Second Part of 2015

I am here with another older haul today. I want to get this out of the way, so I try to be quick with the explanations. I have a lot of eye candy for you if you like these type of hauls.

drugstore makeup haul

I purchased these products during last autumn and winter, so I did not buy them at once. Many of them were part of the Catrice and Essence clearance sale (as usual).

I bought three Essence blushes that were discontinued, and I also picked up the starry highlighter for my collection, I believe it was part of the Christmas LE. (If you didn't know, I collect unique highlighters and face powders).

essence highlighter and blushes

essence i love my golden pumps highlighter
Essence Merry Berry highlighter - 01 I Love My Golden Pumps

essence autumn peach blush
Essence Silky Touch blush - 80 Autumn Peach

essence kissable silky touch blush
Essence Silky Touch blush - 70 Kissable

essence summer dreaming blush
Essence Silky Touch blush - 90 Summer Dreaming

Catrice Ultimate Shine lipstick - 280 Toffee To Go
Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick - 12 Candy Love
Essence longlasting lipstick - 03 Come Naturally; 01 Coral Calling; 05 Cool Nude
Lovely Cosmetics Extra Lasting matte lip cream - Nr. 1

I also picked up a handful of lipsticks, four of them were wishlist items. I've found the Catrice lippie at a clearance basket, I believe it was discontinued about 2 years ago. It has my favourite Catrice lipstick formula, so I was glad to find it.

Dexe lipbalm - Honey Peach
Catrice Rock-o-co kabuki brush
Essence Big Bright Eyes Nude eye pencil
Essence All About Matt! concealer - 20 Matt Nude (x2)

I picked up the EOS-like lipbalm at Rossmann last October, it's by the brand Dexe. The ball shaped container is rather cute, and I'm fine with a cheaper alternative. EOS balms are rather expensive here in Hungary and they are not worth that price. 

The other items are backups of my favourite products (eyeliner & concealer), so I had to buy some before they discontinued them as well. I found the brush at my local Rossmann for 50% off, we still have the entire collection right now, a year after it came out. It's nice to have a Rossmann in a small town where nobody cares about makeup, so I get to buy the fun items.

lovely cosmetics classic nude palette
Lovely Cosmetics Nude Make-up Kit Classic (aka Naked 3 palette alternative)
Essence All About Greys eyeshadow palette

I also added eyeshadows and palettes to my collection, even though some of these were gifts by my family. Love the Lovely Naked 3 dupe and the Essence grey palette.

essence and catrice mono eyeshadows
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono - 350 Starlight Expresso; 790 I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night
Essence mono eyeshadow - 10 Dance Mauve

Moda I-shine eyeshadows
Moda I-Shine eyeshadows - Nr. 314 (iridescent pink); Nr. 325 (iridescent purple)

Picked up two more Moda eyeshadows too, I love the texture of them. They feel exactly like the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows, for 1/3 of the price. I believe I already talked about this in my Moda review. 

Look, I accidentally dropped one of them. I've never shattered an eyeshadow like this in my entire life, this was a first. I am always careful when handling makeup, so you bet I was furious when it slipped from my hand. I repressed it since then, it's okay now. At least it swatched beautifully. Both of them are iridescent eyeshadows.

moda i-shine eyeshadow swatches
Moda I-Shine eyeshadow swatches - Nr. 314 (iridescent pink); Nr. 325 (iridescent purple)

Essence Fun Fair baked blushes - 01 Ring Around The Rosy (pink); 02 Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth
Isana Rosé lipbalm
Eveline gentle facial wash cream gel

The products on the photo above were purchased in January, I was happy to fins the blushes from the Fun Fair LE from last year (again, we still have the entire display in my store, it's incredible). The Isana lipbalm is awesome, I bought the Rose one because the Intensiv kind was sold out. The Eveline face wash is very decent as well, it smells delicious.

Catrice Lumination blush - C01 Flushed Fiction

The poor blush above was part of a Catrice Fall collection, I used the hell out of it during last autumn. I almost made the embossment disappear completely. I'm bad! I usually save my embossed products. It is a gorgeous nude blush that looks like Tarte Exposed.

I also managed to get my hands on two items from the Happy Girls Are Pretty LE from last fall, and since both of them are embossed, I haven't used them yet (maybe I never will). I wanted to review them back in October, but I changed my mind, so I am just casually putting a lot of photos of them in this post.

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty limited edition

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty eyeshadow palette - 02 Happiness Is... Follwing Your Heart

Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty multi colour blush - 01 You Sweeten My Day!

Aren't they adorable?

One haul down, a lot more to go before I catch up. Do you have any items on your wishlist now?

~ Ev

I bought the products myself or they were given as gifts by my family.


  1. My whishlist is never ending story, now I wish that I would pick some items from sale but now I'm too late, well Essence and Catrice will soon have another sale, summer is approaching an so is their annual sale ;)

    1. Oh yes, I'm already afraid of the clearance list. My favourites somehow always end up being discontinued.


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