August 30, 2014

Project 15 Pan: Make-up Only!

I am pretty sure that most of you are familiar with project pan posts and videos. The aim of this project is to use up a number of make-up products and to not purchase any new stuff until you use up the goal amount of products. If you are curious about my used up make-up goods, keep reading.

This project of mine is quite old, you can see that I took the photos with my previous camera. As far as I can remember, the photos are from 2012. That means the photos are 2 years old, not that I used these up within 2 years. I went a few months without purchasing anything, you probably remember that I didn't post hauls for a period of time that year.

Essence All Over Highlighter - 01 Illuminate!
My very first highlighter ever. It had a glittery overlay and a satin finish under it. I bought it because of a Deathstars concert - I wanted glittery face, because glitter and being fabulous is what Deathstars is about. ;) You have seen this highlighter here and here. Using up a highlighter powder is quite a task, so you can tell that I really loved this one. I have a backup of it.

Essence Illuminate Highlighter: used up & backup

Catrice Mineral Compact Powder - 110 Light Beige
My very first Catrice item I have ever bought. I picked it up when Catrice came to Hungary a few years ago, you can see that it still has the old packaging (which I like more than the new one, by the way). It was a nice powder, I liked it.

Essence Stay All Day long-lasting concealer - 20 Soft Beige
I've used up 2 tubes so far, this one on the photo was my first tube. Shade 20 has a slight peach tone to it that is more effective on dark circles, so I prefer it to shade 10. Great concealer for a great price.

Essence Pure Beauty cream concealer (LE from years ago)
The Pure Beauty limited edition was in stores when I was 17, so approximately 5-6 years ago. I used it up a few months after purchasing it, I had no problem with it. Had great coverage and silky texture.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Aka THE eye primer. It is the best eye primer that I have ever used. Note that I haven't tried the Too Faced one yet. I own at least 10 different eye bases, so I was able to compare it to others. The Primer Potion makes the shades extra vibrant, and the lasting power is out of this world. You can easily wear eyeshadow for 24 hours straight. My eyeshadow survived sweaty, pogo-included metal concerts, and that is saying something. I had to depot it after a while because of the silly packaging, and unfortunately it dried out in the new container, wasting a lot of product. Don't ever depot your UDPPs to plastic containers like the on the photo. Make sure you use glass jars.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse make-up - 01 Matt Sand
One of my first foundations, it is very sentimental to me. It was great for oily skin because of its mousse texture, I really liked it.

Alverde Creme To Powder concealer - 10 Natural Beige
Very similar to the Catrice Camouflage concealer. Thick cream with hardcore coverage and brightening effect. I used it when I was attending anime conventions. Cosplay make-up must be flawless all day! Will repurchase.

Oriflame Essentials Weather Protective lipbalm
Excellent yet inexpensive lipbalm that feels creamy and nice on the lips. It had a yummy smell as well. Will repurchase if it's still available.

Neutrogena Immediate Repair lipbalm
One of my holy grail lipbalms. It is a huge pot, containing 15 gr of product. I had a backup, but I already used up that one as well. Love it! It puts most of the popular lipbalms to shame, such as Carmex and Labello tubes. Both of the latter ones are overhyped as hell.

Essence lipstick - 52 In The Nude
A beautiful nude lipsticks that feels like a balm. It was sheer, so it was easy to wear, didn't make you look dead. I have 2 more to use up. It's been discontinued, and I'm very sad about that.

Essence No Limits Power Boost mascara & Essence Lash Mania mascara
My very first Essence mascaras. They are good on their own but I layered the two. The combination of them made my lashes look beautiful. Lash Mania was supposedly a dupe for the Diorshow mascara, the packaging and the wand looks very similar.

Bipa B:Pretty lipglosses - #2 and #8
I purchased them almost 10 years ago in Vienna, I was 13 years old. They were nice little lipglosses, one of them was a milky pink, and the other one was a nude shade. Bipa is not available in my country.

S-he Automatic Khol Kajal pencil - 04 Blue
The crappiest eye pencil I have ever used. The texture of it was like lash glue, and it made my eyes burn.

That's it for my project pan. I have quite a few of empties photos I need to post, so stay tuned.

~ Evinde


  1. Nem semmi mennyiség! Még akkor is, ha 2 éves folyamat volt elfogyasztani őket :)

    1. Nem annyi volt. :) 2012-ben fotóztam le őket, 2 éve ülnek a gépen. Ahol említem, hogy x éve megvolt, ott lehetett számolni csak évet.


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