August 9, 2014

Nail Stamping | Rose Gold And Grey Arabesque Design

Today I'm here to share my latest nail stamping attempt. It was a struggle but the result was nice. 

Arabesque nail stamping

Nail stamping is very popular in nail art, yet I've always been hesitant to do it because of several failed attempts in the past. This one was no exception, I haven't failed a nail design this many times since my latest nail stamping action years ago. I don't own any actual stamping nail polish. Finding the right stamping shade was definitely a problem, and I also had issues with the actual stamp (according to others I own the best stamping tool ever, because it has a very soft silicone side).

I wanted a grey base colour for the design, so I've tried several stamping shades. Metallic shades are supposed to be great for that purpose, and it really worked. Arabesque (or Victorian?) pattern has been my favourite design for years (mainly when seen on clothes), so I'll definitely do more nail stamping with this little plate.

Arabesque pattern nail stamping plate

The stamping plate I used is the QA90 plate that you can find here and on ebay as well.

Essence Denim Wanted nail polish - 05 Fivepocket Grey
Essence Metal Glam nail polish - 01 Steel-ing the Scene

Are you into nail stamping? I'm looking for nail stamping plates with leaves on them, but the ones I've found are lame. Do you have any recommendations?

As always, you can use the code AZB10 to get 10% off when purchasing stuff at the BPS website.

~ Evinde

FTC: The stamping plate was sent to me for review purposes.


  1. Egek, de gyönyörű, mint valami antik drapéria! *.*

    1. Igen igen, azért szeretem ezt a mintát! :D Hasonló függönyeink vannak, imádom őket. :)

  2. Uhh ez a minta, tényleg gyönyörű :)


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