August 7, 2014

Softly Defined Cat Eyes | Spring Pastels

Cat eyes in the makeup industry usually equal heavy eyeliner with huge wings. Wings as big you can almost fly. However, if you struggle with applying eyeliner, there is still a way you can rock cat eyes.

FOTD: purple & blue eyes with lilac + pink gradient lips

Instead of focusing on the bold eyeliner, you just need to focus on the eyeshadow. Creating a feline shape and applying the eyeshadow towards the eyebrows will do the trick.

soft purple & blue cat eyes

I lined my upper lashline and skipped applying the wings. I created a bigger outer V than usual. This way you still have the cat eye effect, but it's less obvious.

Products used on the eyes:

  • Artdeco eyeshadow base
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - Tease, Bootycall, Foxy
  • Essence Metal Glam eyeshadow liquid - 03 Dressed Up
  • Essence mono eyeshadow - 63 Is It Purple?
  • Essence Blossoms Etc. eyeshadow - 03 Forget-me-not
  • Catrice Absolut Eye Color Duo - 050 I wanna be a royal
  • Kendo eyeshadow quad - second shade (cornflower blue)

  • Max Factor Clump Defy mascara
  • Oriflame Visions Eye Glitz liner - Turquoise
  • Essence 2in1 kajal pencil - 06 Flirty n Hip

softly defined cat eyes

Face products & lip products:

  • Flormar blush - Nr. 87
  • Skin79 Intense Classic Premium BB cream
  • Essence Match 2 Cover cream concealer
  • Skinfood Salmon Concealer - Nr. 1 Blooming
  • Miaoou baked blush - Nr. 02

  • Essence 50's Fever lipstick - 01 Love Me Tender
  • Sleek Pout Paints mixed together to get a lilac shade
Would you wear black eyeliner with heavy wings or would you go for a subtle look? Or both?

~ Evinde


  1. De jól áll neked ez a cicaszem. :))

  2. Egyetértek Lollival, szerintem is jól áll! :)

  3. Nagyon tetszik! Kár ,h én nem tudok ilyen szépen sminkelni:( x

    1. Ó dehogynem, csak bízz magadban és gyakorolj! :)

  4. Nagyon szép lett - látom szereted a pasztell színeket, de jól is állnak neked :)

    1. Köszönöm! Tavasszal és nyáron igen. :)


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