August 29, 2014

What's In My Bag? | Summer 2014

What's in my bag videos and blogposts have been really popular since the whole beauty craze has started a few years ago. They are interesting and fun to watch or read. If you are curious to see what is in my bag, keep reading.

mint green bag / purse

I am not a purse-hoarding type of person, I don't own tons of bags. I don't find it necessary to own a ridiculous amount of bags, but again I own a ridiculous amount of make-up that is not necessary, so to each their own. 

I change my bags seasonally, I use this mint green one in the spring and summer, and I use a black one in the autumn and winter. I also have a beige colored bag that I usually use in the spring and summer as well, since it would look weird with my black winter coat and clothes.

The inside of the purse is lined with purple fabric that I adore. It also has 3 pockets inside, but on the photo you can only see one.

What's in my bag? Practical & necessary stuff only.

Let's move on to the actual content of the bag:

1.) mattifying sheets (I have oily skin)
2.) The Body Shop Satsuma hand sanitizer
3.) Travalo pefume atomizer and lip products:
-Isana Classic lipbalm
- the lipstick and lipgloss I applied that morning
4.) hand mirror and hair brush in one (must-have)
5.) MP4 player for my music
6.) Bobby pins
7.) ID, pass, credit card

8.) my good old Nokia phone (5 years old and still kicking!)
9.) chewing gum
10.) pens + correction fluid
11.) pen drive
12.) beloved Hellsing wallet
13.) a bottle of water that matches my bag
(I always carry a bottle of water with me, it can be a lifesaver. Make sure you do too.)

14.) toilet paper, tissues, pads
15.) medicine I might need on the go
16.) q-tips and band aids
17.) tiny notebook & Catrice pamphlet

The items above, I always carry with myself. I just realized that I forgot to add my keys though. If I should pick one thing that I'd put in everyone's bag is a water bottle (filled with water of course). You never know when when you'll need to take a painkiller or need to emergency wash your hands / face. Don't forget that water is life. I'm usually the one who lends her bottle to friends who forget to take one with themselves.

What is in your bag?

~ Evinde


  1. I can't help but ask: why on Earth would you need a Catrice pamphlet on daily basis? :D It's not only that I can't imagine an emergency that would require it - I also believe you're a Cosnova expert, so there would be no need for you to check anything ;)

    1. I travel twice a week, that means 3 hour train rides each time. Most of the time I can't read a book because a baby screams in my ears the whole train ride, so I just start to go through the pamphlet and put new things on my wishlist. The other reason is just the wishlist, I mark the stuff I need or want to buy, and when I'm in traffic, I just check it.

    2. én is ugyanezt teszem. mindig, mindenhonnan elhozom az ingyenes reklámkatalógusokat és a vonaton böngészem őket, jegyzetelek :D szóval no para, más is csinálja :)

  2. Annyira jó a pénztárcád!!!


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