December 2, 2013

Monthly Favourites | October + November 2013

It is already December, how crazy is that? Halloween was yesterday. I'm a little bit sad that Autumn is over, it is my favourite season. Anyway, let me show you a few of my favourite things from October and November.

Ben Nye liquid latex
Alverde lip and cheek tint - Rosebud
Sleek Sunset palette
Maybelline Color Tattoo - Permanent Taupe

You have seen my Halloween looks, haven't you? Then you probably guessed that my Ben Nye liquid latex is going to be included in my favourites. This baby is really easy to work with, and you can create crazy and creepy stuff with it.

Other good news, stores started to carry more shades of the Maybelline Color Tattoos, so now we have the matte taupe and the burgundy shade as well. I've bought them at the beginning of the month of Halloween, and to be frank, I still haven't touched the burgundy one, because it's so pretty. Love the taupe one!

Essence Vampire's Love blush gelée
Miaoou baked highlighter

When the weather gets chilly, it is time to reach for my blush tints. Red looks the most natural on the cheeks, since your natural flush is actually red. Not pink, not peach with gold shimmer, but red. I'm quite fond of blush tints every Fall and Winter, and this year I've been wearing my Alverde and Essence Vampire's Love tints the most. They are gorgeous, natural and easy to work with. They stain the skin, so you have to blend them quickly. My friend totally failed at that when I let her try them out, so that's what you get when you don't listen to me.

I also started to use my Miaoou MSF-like highlighter again, which is a beauty, and I have no idea where you could find these. Try stores that carry inexpensive Chinese makeup. Moreover, the Sunset palette by Sleek is a great choice for Fall because of its colours, so I forced myself to use it this time. It has been sitting on my vanity for way too long, untouched.

ACNE.ORG Treatment (god bless benzoyl-peroxide)
Cetaphil facial cleanser

My beloved ACNE.ORG treatment has been a miracle product, yet again. You have to know that I had terrible acne, and then later clogged pores all over my face, and this treatment is the only product that helped my skin. I ran out of it in July, and I only could repurchase it in October. Between those months, my skin started to break out again with little bumps, but now it looks lovely again. I'll write a separate review on it, since it is the only miracle product out there that actually worked for me. I also started to use my Cetaphil gentle cleanser to pair it with the treatment, and it works really well. 

OPI A Woman's Prague-ative
Barry M nail paint - Copper
Missha Cho Bo Yang BB cream
Max Factor Whipped Creme foundation
Flormar longwearing lipstick - L33

I have two foundation samples to mention this time: the MISA / Missha Cho Bo Yang BB cream and the Max Factor Whipped Creme foundation. The Cho Bo Yang BB has crazy coverage and looks great on the skin, you only need the tiniest amount of it because of the pigmentation. From one sample, you can cover your whole face at least 8 times. I really need to buy the full size, but it's too expensive for me now. The MF Whipped Creme however, looks like you're using the photoshop blur tool on your skin, it's incredible. I guess it hides the pores and scars, that's why? I'm not sure, but I need to buy the full size as well. Too bad it's way too expensive for a drugstore foundation (19-22$).

My nail polish favourites are OPI and Barry M, I have separate posts of them both. As far as lip products are concerned, I've been using my beloved Vampire's Love lip stains (all-time-faves!), my lovely lavender lipstick by Flormar, and a new tinted lip balm by Essence. These "Glow" lipbalms are way better than the crappy Kiss Care Love ones.

Bruno Banani - Scent From Hell 
(that's the actual name)

Now moving on to fragrance. I'm a huge fan of Bruno Banani scents, especially the light pink one that I currently don't have. This dark burgundy one is very similar to that, except this is more dominant. You could say it is a dark, spicy and hot version of the light pink one. It was a limited edition scent, so you can't get it anymore, as far as I know. Too bad, because it is a lovely Fall/Winter scent.

Notes: black currant, ivy, fig; paprika, floral, tangerine, peach; musk and vanilla.

And now, drumroll please: I've found yet another product of the year, the Balea dry shampoo. I've been eyeing this one for years, and somehow I always missed picking it up. It is amazing! I have bangs, and whenever I wash my face, the get kind of disgusting because of the water. Whatever I try, they always get fucked up, with either washing my face or taking a shower. According to that note, I should wash my hair twice a day to keep it pretty looking. No effin way, man. Ain't nobody got time for that. With this gem, you can go 4 days without washing your hair, it's insane. It is the first dry shampoo I've ever tried.

The other fave of mine has been the Dove leave-in conditioner, it makes my hair soft as a ragdoll kitten. It's probably because of the excessive amount of silicone that is not healthy for the hair, but oh well. I finished my silicone free session in October.

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. (actual title of a book)

Have a lovely fall panorama photo from me that I took in Mecsek, Hungary. Isn't it wonderful?

What have you been up to lately? Are you excited for the Holidays? Share your lates faves in the comments below.

~ Evinde

I bought the products myself.


  1. The pictures are wonderful! Congrats!
    By the way, i also put the Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe in my monthly favourites!

    1. Thank you! The Color Tattoos are great for sure! :)

  2. Magyarul vagy angolul illik kommentelni? :-)
    A burgundi Color Tattooval én is így jártam, hogy egy darabig nem nyúltam bele, csak gyönyörködtem benne (most már persze megkezdtem :-)
    A Sunset paletta viszont mesés a képen! Eddig még csak egy Sleek palettám van, de ez is fent van a kívánságlistán, jövőre a magamévá teszem :-D
    Az új Sleek szerepelt az én őszi kedvenceim között, valamint a Color Tattook. Annyira megszerettem őket, szinte minden nap használom valamelyiket :-)

    1. Ahogy szeretnél! :) Mindet szívesen olvasom.
      Én azóta sem nyúltam bele :D Fail. A Sunsetet meg tényleg érdemes kipróbálni, nyárra is és őszre/télre is remek kis paletta.
      Jó lenne, ha behoznák hozzánk a nude Color Tattookat is, jajj.

    2. Hű, ne is mondd, én is nagyon-nagyon szeretnék nude Color Tattookat!
      Nyújtsunk be petíciót! :-D

    3. Benne vagyok! Maybelline please! D:

  3. A lila flormar rúzs eddig fel sem tűnt, de meg kell néznem ezt élőben is, mert valami mesés a színe így képeken!

    1. Pedig már a bloggertalálkozón is ez volt rajtam :D Mondjuk jól lekopva így a nap végére. :') De tényleg nagyon szép, jó puha a textúrája, és szerintem nagyon hajaz a MAC Nicki 2 rúzsra, bár az nincs a tulajdonomban. :)


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