June 2, 2014

Essence Wave Goddess Trend Edition | Preview

"Surfer girls and beach beauties take note: we’re heading to the beach and getting ready to surf with the new essence trend edition “wave goddess” in July and August 2014. Body boarding, stand-up paddling and surfing are the trend sports of the summer! And “wave goddess” offers the ideal products for fun times at the beach or in the water! On top, the absolutely stylish beauty pieces have a gorgeous hibiscus blossom design to create a true summer feeling! In addition to bright colors like orange and pink, the focus is on the it-color of the summer – blue! There are plenty of must-haves: two fabulous products with a tint effect for your lips and cheeks, a top coat that changes the color of your nail polish depending on the temperature, and a styling spray with sea salt for beautiful, wavy beach hair. The trend edition also offers two summery accessories that shouldn’t be missing in any beach bags this season: a wallet and a case for your sunglasses! So grab your board and head for the waves… with essence!"

This trend edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Morocco, Libya, Iran, Bahrain, Palestine, Algeria, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Bangladesh and Paraguay.

essence wave goddess – soft touch eyeshadow

Blue ocean! These long-lasting eyeshadows with a creamy formula are ideal for the summer. The bright colors in apricot and three different blue shades with a shimmer finish let you create a refreshing eye make-up look. And the soft gel-based texture even has a light cooling effect! Available in 01 have a break, 02 crush on blue, 03 stand up and paddle and 04 life is better when you surf

essence wave goddess – 2in1 eyeliner
Point break! The 2in1 eyeliner in the three aquatic colors blue, turquoise and iceblue conjures-up long-lasting eyeliner looks. The duo pencil with a thin tip on one end and a broad tip on the other allows you to create diverse surfer styles that can handle any waves, no matter how big! Available in 01 life is better when you surf, 02 have a break, or two and 03 stand up and paddle! (2,99 €)

essence wave goddess – tinted lipbalm
Surf ‘n' style! The tinted lipbalm is ideal for spending hours out in the ocean. Both versions ensure smooth lips with a light tint – in trendy pink with a cool neon finish. Absolutely essential for all beach beauties. Available in 01 loose your heart on the board and 02 life is better when you surf.

essence wave goddess – blush tint
Water sports! No matter whether you prefer surfing or paddling: the tinted blush gives your cheeks a natural flushed look while you pursue your cool water activities. Especially long-lasting thanks to the tint effect. Available in 01 loose your heart on the board. (2,49 €)

essence wave goddess – highlighter
Smile & wave! The powder contains light-reflecting pigments and apricot glitter particles to give your face and neckline a natural glow. The nuance adapts to suit your skin tone and can be used as a highlighter or for an all-over shimmer. Available in 01 sparkling goddess. (2,99 €)

essence wave goddess – nail polish
Sunshine colors! These nail polishes in the trendy colors pink, lime, turquoise and blue offer a high coverage so you can create long-lasting, summery nail styles. And on top, there’s a matching flexible rubber ring in the color of each nail polish – the perfect accessory for the water escapades! Available in 01 loose your heart on the board, 02 wave down the lime, 03 have a break and 04 crush on blue. (1,79 €)

essence wave goddess – hot'n cold top coat**
Color change… this unique and innovative top coat changes color depending on the outside temperature. Here’s how it works: apply a light nail polish color as the basis and wait for it to dry. Next, apply the hot'n cold top coat. Your nails will react to the cold and change from the original light base color to blue depending on the temperature. Available in 01 crush on blue. (1,99 €)

essence wave goddess – thermo nail sticker**
Hot or cold? The designs on the thermo nail stickers also change color depending on the temperature. Make a true nail-statement with these cute color-changing letters, exclamation marks, question marks & co. As surprising as the next big wave. Available in 01 have a break, or two. (1,49 €)

essence wave goddess – body tattoos
Skin style… the body tattoos come in cool designs like hibiscus blossoms, seashells, waves and a trendy watch with “YOLO” on the display perfectly round off your wave goddess look. Use as desired and remove again with soap and water. Available in 01 the early bird catches the wave.

essence wave goddess – beach hair waves spray
Wavin’ hair! Gorgeous beach hair for the perfect surfer girl look: this styling spray is enriched with sea salt to give your hair awesome volume and a wavy structure. For a casual, fresh look like you’ve been surfing in the summer breeze! Absolutely cool holiday hair. Available in 01 wave me up! 

essence wave goddess – wallet**
Aquatic… this cute turquoise silicone wallet is ideal for storing little accessories and make-up products that simply have to come along when you head for the waves. The material is water-repellent – idea for a day at the beach! Available in 01 have a break. 

essence wave goddess – glasses case
Fun in the sun! Don’t know where to put your beloved sunglasses when you get back on your surfboard? We’ve got the ideal solution with this super-cool sunglasses case made of light silicone material in neon orange. Once your glasses are safely stored, get ready to hit the waves. Available in 01 life is better when you surf. (3,29 €)

essence “wave goddess” will be available in stores in July and August 2014.

* recommended retail price / ajánlott fogyasztói ár
**exclusively available at Müller / csak a Müllerben

***as long as stocks last / amíg a készlet tart

Do you like it? I will check out the eyeshadows and the highlighter for sure.
Tetszik? A szemhéjpúderek és a fénypúder a személyes kedvencem.

~ Evinde


  1. Nem ez lesz a kedvenc kollekcióm, de a highlighter és a hajspray tuti haza fog velem jönni! :D

    1. A highlighter remélhetőleg velem is :)

  2. Nem is bánom annyira. Most a pénztárcám és a szívem is inkább J.R . Ward.ra éhezik!!!! :D

    1. Én pár napja vettem két könyvet pont :D Vagyis egyet 1500-ért, a másik meg az összegyűlt 10 Ulpius-os matrica miatt ajándék volt. :D

    2. Én is most vettem meg az Újjászületett szeretőt, de addig nem nyugszom, amíg enyém nem lesz a Végre szeretők is! :)

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