December 14, 2014

DM Haul: New Balea and Alverde Products | 2014

I bought these products at the beginning of November. I had the chance to use -50% Joy coupons for 2 products. Fun times. 

new Alverde products - haul

Most of these products are new at the drugstore, as far as I know. I need to mention that Alverde is discontinuing their excellent baked eyeshadows, so if you see them on clearance, pick them up. The new baked eyeshadows are nowhere as pigmented and soft as the old ones. 

The Balea vitamin fluid and the Alverde blush were recommended by German bloggers on instagram.
The eyeshadow palette is a new product along with the blush. The little pot at the center of the photo is a cream blush / lipbalm and it was on clearance. I believe that the Balea fluid is a new product as well.

Alverde shimmer blush - 10 Secret Rose

Alverde quattro eyeshadow - 50 Rose Garden

Balea Frisch in den Tag Fluid (vitamin serum)

My favourite product is the fluid so far, let me know if you want a review. If you follow me on instagram, you know why I love it.

Have you tried any of these products?

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. I like this post! Amazing pictures!!:) And i love alverde's, beauty and care stuff.

  2. I've never seen this brand before, is it sold in the UK?

    Hidden Freckles Blog UK

    1. Nope, I believe it's only sold in a few European countries like Germany Austria, Hungary, etc. Alverde is not available in the UK.

  3. In October i went to DM in Germany and i bought the Alverde quattro eyeshadow, but i am disappointed... maybe the other products are good but i didin't like the pigmentation of this one.

    1. I haven't used it on my eyes yet, but it swatched beautifully. A good primer will solve the problem :]

  4. felkeltette az érdeklődésem ez a fluid, ma meg is néztem a DM-ben, de nálunk (Erdély) még nem volt kitéve a polcokra :(


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