December 26, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweaters And 50 Shades Of Grey Lingerie & Nightwear | For Fun

I hope you are having a great Holiday season. I mentioned in November that I'll show you the photos of these gems I discovered at Tesco. I refuse to do any kind of serious, time-consuming blogpost during this year's Christmas. Let's see the fun stuff:

ugly Christmas sweaters

There is a ton of Christmas-themed clothing at Tesco this year, which amuses me greatly. The sweaters aren't even that ugly, I find most of them adorable. I would totally wear the penguin or the reindeer one.

F&F 50 Shades of Grey lingerie and nightwear

Also, you might know that F&F and 50 Shades Of Grey has a collab collection, and I wanted to check them out really badly. I managed to find them at a bigger Tesco. The pieces above are cute, but unfortunately they are way too expensive for what they are.

F&F 50 Shades of Grey lingerie

I was most interested in the black lingerie, but oh boy, the fabric of these is terrible and cheap (shown on the photo above). It's really disappointing, because they are made out of simple undershirt material.

F&F 50 Shades of Grey men's underwear

The men's underwear, however, is pretty awesome and hilarious. You don't necessarily need to know the book or the context to buy these for your man. They still make sense, especially if you happen to be in a D/s relationship. Cheezy, labelled underwear is never not funny.

The F&F and 50 SOG collab has way prettier pieces in other countries, but Hungary, as always, sucks.

Hope you're having a great time with (or without) your family. Relax and be merry.
I am going to rewatch Home Alone for the third time now, bye.



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