December 5, 2014

Huge Autumn + Winter Haul | 2014

Today's post features my main fall/winter haul for this year. I bought this stuff in August and September, some of the items already have separate blogposts. 

fall & winter haul: combat boots, beanies, makeup, nail polish, perfume

floral combat boots - New Yorker

I will start with my floral combat boots. These look like the floral boots from Martens, but those are ridiculously expensive (~140$). I've been in love with floral print combat boots for years, so I flipped when I saw these at New Yorker. They are gorgeous, comfortable and sturdy.

floral combat boots

Bath and Body Works pocket bacs (review & haul)

Essence Hello Autumn products 
(most of these already have a review, search them on the blog)
Lovely Cosmetics Color Wear matte lip pencils

Lovely Cosmetics nude nail polish - Nr. 3 & Nr. 5
Lovely Cosmetics Blink Blink nail polish - Nr. 11
OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around nail polish
Essence Colour and Go nail polish - Once Upon A Time

I love nude nail polishes in the fall and winter, that's why I bought 3 of them. I've already mentioned that OPI DBNMA is the perfect nude shade, it is the Queen of all nude shades. It will have its own post, even though I already featured it in a Halloween NOTD here.

hair ribbon from H&M (because of Luke Valentine)

OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

beanie from New Yorker
Playboy Play It Lovely perfume (50ml)

After many years, I've found a perfect beanie that looks nice on the head. It's really hard to find those, am I right? People look like homeless Christmas elves in most of them. I picked up a burgundy one as well, I will show it on instagram later. They sit so nice on the head, I love it!

The perfume is Play It Lovely by Playboy, I wanted to buy this since it came out years ago. It really smells lovely (hah) and cozy. Such a great fall-winter scent! Contrary to the cheeky Playboy image, the Play It Lovely and Play it Sexy fragrances are absolutely delicious fall & winter scents.

Essence longlasting eye pencils - gorgeous shades for fall

Catrice Velvett Matt eyeshadow - 040 Al Burgundy
Catrice Beautifying lip smoother - 020 Apricot Cream

I wanted to try the new F/W Catrice products, so I bought a couple of them. Well, I am a bit disappointed. The lip smoother is just a regular sheer lipgloss, I don't find that it has a smoothing effect. I have only worn it twice though. 

The eyeshadow is so powdery, you will have powder-city under your eyes. The colour of it is gorgeous though, but these Velvet Matt eyeshadows are not matt by any means. They have a strong sheen to them. I get really mad when people say that these are matt. They are not matt.

Essence longlasting eye pencils:
Hot Scorch; Funky Coral; My Money Penny; Berry Merry

adorable Halloween nail art water decals from eBay (NOTD here)

Bath And Body Works pocket Bacs: Orchard Apple; Hoot Berry
Essence longlasting lipsticks: On The Catwalk!; Barely There

The Essence lipsticks are perfect shades for this season, I've been eyeing them for months. and I finally bought them in September.

DVDs for the soul; the last one is a documentary-kinda thing about vampire characters

Rob Zombie's Halloween I - II. DVD

It won't surprise you that I am a huge fan of the Rob Zombie Halloween movies, I've talked about them many times and I have made 3 Halloween looks from the movies last year. I finally managed to buy them online for a really good price. These movies are really hard to find in this country.

NYC liquid lipshines and glossy balms

You probably realized that NYC is not available at Rossmann anymore. They had a crazy clearance sale in October, and I managed to buy these for less than a dollar each (150-170 HUF). I love both the lipshines and the lip balms, I even have a review of the latter one.

fall and winter haul - makeup & boots

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. A Bath and body worksos cuccoskákat honnan rendelted?:)

    1. Ha rákattintasz a linkre ami a tesztjükhöz visz, ott leírom :) Nem rendeltem amúgy.

  2. Néhány Rossmannban maradt NYC, egy picike kis tálcán. Szóval nem kell új tökéletes szempillaspirált keresnem :]

    1. Igen, azt tudom :) Meg a Müllerben az egész állvány megtalálható.

  3. Ejjha!:) Most találtam rá a blogodra és nagyon tetszik! Fel is iratkoztam. :) Jó sok terméket vettél, de legjobban a bakancs tetszik. Álom szép!!:)

    1. Szia! Üdvözöllek és köszönöm :) Nekem is a bakancs a kedvencem.

  4. Hű, mennyi szépség így egyszerre :) A szájravalók nagyon tetszenek ^^


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