February 22, 2015

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette | Review + Swatches

Catrice has 4 Absolute palettes in total (Nude, Brights, Matt, Rose), and the newest addition to the family is the Absolute Matt palette. Let's see how it works!

catrice absolute matt palette
Catrice Absolute Matte palette - 010 Eyes Wide Matt

It was exciting to see that Catrice finally created an all matt palette, because a lot of us have been asking for it on forums / social media.

catrice absolute matt palette

The packaging is sleek and small, like all the other Absolute palettes. All the necessary info is on the back of the palette. There is no mirror, which I don't really mind. You get 6g of product, 1g per each shadow.

catrice absolute matt palette
Catrice Absolute Matte palette - review / teszt

The colour selection is nice, I'd say it is a cool toned palette. You get a white and a pink highlight shade, there is nothing for yellow skintones. I usually just mix the two shades, and it looks nice on warm skin. I sometimes use the pink shade as a setting powder under the eyes.

catrice absolute matt palette
Catrice Absolute Matte palette - 010 Eyes Wide Matt

You get 2 medium browns; a dark brown and a dark grey I'd say? The darkest colour is definitely greyish, compared to the other shades. Regardless, they look very nice. It is a gorgeous palette to pair with the Absolute Nude palette. I usually just take a shimmery lid shade and this palette, and I'm ready to travel.

catrice absolute matt palette swatches
Catrice Absolute Matte palette swatches

The pigmentation isn't crazy, I'd say it's average. However, the shades are a lot more pigmented than my MAC Quarry or Urban Decay Tease (both shades are matte), so that's very surprising. I bet that my MAC Quarry has the shittiest pigmentation out of all the other Quarry shades that exist. Too bad it was 20$ (for a single shadow, man). Anyway, back to Catrice:

My major problem with the palette is the powdery texture. These shadows have a lot of fallout, because they are very soft. They kick up a lot of powder, so definitely tap the excess before applying.

catrice absolute eyeshadow palettes
OTP: Catrice Absolute Matt and Absolute Nude palettes

To sum it up, it is a great complementary palette to pair with others, and I'm happy that I can just walk into a drugstore and buy a completely matt palette. 

Now, if you own any of the matte Makeup Revolution palettes, you don't really need this, unless you want something more compact. The MUR palettes are rather big, and I'm not comfortable traveling with them, so I'd rather just travel with the matt Catrice palette. 

The price of the palette is around 7-8$, and you can buy a MUR palette for that money too, so the MUR ones are a better deal. You get 12 eyeshadows in a MUR palette, while you only get 6 eyeshadows in the Catrice ones. 

You can buy Catrice palettes in most drugstores (= no additional shipping), while MUR palettes are only available online (so you have to pay additional shipping). It depends on what you're looking for and how comfortable you are with online shopping.

Have you tried the Catrice Absolute Matt palette?

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~ Evinde

I received the product at a blogger event as a gift.


  1. i have this palette too but i don't use it often because i think the eyeshadows are not very "blendable", especially the dark ones. but for the price, it is a good palette

    1. Apply a skintone colour all over the lid first, they'll blend easily that way. I haven't had any problem with mine though.

  2. Thanks so much for the honest and helpful review!! I don't mind the cool tones, if only the darkest colour was black this palette would be a must-have!


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