February 4, 2015

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Shine Pore Refining Serum | Review

I cringe just by writing the title of the post, because this product is not a serum. I remember that a couple of you asked for a review when I hauled it, so here we go.

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Shine pore refining serum

I picked it up in 2013, and I already used it up, so I have many things to say about it:

- it comes in a squeezy tube
- it has a nice fresh scent which I love (all of the Pure Skin products have the same scent)
- it is NOT a serum
- it has a rather thick, slippery gel-cream texture
- it leaves a greasy silicone-like residue on the skin that doesn't go away all day
- when you touch your skin, it feels like silk, yet it feels slightly greasy too, it's hard to explain

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Shine pore refining serum

- it doesn't mattify the skin (not mine, at least)
- it does, however, visually refine/minimize pores
- didn't reduce any of my blackheads / spots (contrary to the claims, most drugstore skincare products will not do that)
- didn't break me out
- didn't irritate my skin

Essence Pure Skin Anti-Shine pore refining serum - thick gel-cream

- in case of having oily skin, don't use it as a makeup base, it will slide off during the day
- combination & oily skin people: use it as a night cream
- dry skin peeps: I believe it would work as a daytime moisturizer on you

I purchased mine at Müller. It came with free nose strips, it was a great deal. I would not repurchase it though, I'd just buy the regular Pure Skin moisturiser, because it's essentually the same thing. I already used up one of that in the past, and I  really liked it. I talked about that one here.

Have you tried it?

My review about the Essence Pure Skin face scrub can be found here.

~ Evinde

I purchased the product with my own money.


  1. I'm always like ''hmm'' when a make up brand comes up with a skin care product. You may be succesful at make up but body care is a whole new world. So I always wait for a couple comments to purchase it. I have a mixed skin so I'm a little scared to use it.

    1. Essence skincare have been around for years. After all, everything depends on the ingredients, I highly recommend to double check the ingredients on the paulaschoice website, that's what I use too. This particular cream has nice ingredients in it, the only bad guy is the fragrance.
      You can always read reviews and comments, but don't forget that not many people look into ingredients themselves, so their review is technically irrelevant. Just an example: Neutrogena is specialized mostly in skincare, yet they have quite a few of nasty ingredients in their products. Essence started out as a makeup brand, but their pure skin products have very nice ingredients in them, so again, it doesn't matter if it's a makeup brand or skincare brand, you definitely need to look at the ingredients. Wish more people would know that. It happened many times that fancy highend brands came out (and still do) with products packed full of crap, but people eventually bought them, because they are highend.

    2. So what do you recommend? Are the ingredients used good or bad ?

    3. Hi! Yes, the ingredients are pretty good, the only triggering one is perfume, if you are sensitive to added fragrance. I'd also recommend to pay attention to ingredients that cause YOUR skin problems, it differs on everyone, obviously. The grossest ingredients companies like to use are not included in this one, so big thumbs up.


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