February 19, 2015

OPI Nail Polish Haul | February 2015

opi haul

I am here to show you a collective OPI nail polish haul, and it entails all the nail polishes I purchased in the last 5 months (from September until January). I have 8 shades to show you.

opi haul
collective OPI haul

Don't Bossa Nova Me Around is the shade that started the OPI obsession for me, and since then, I've picked up a lot of new pieces. Since OPI is pricey in Hungary, I'd suggest to use coupons (if you shop at Müller). I only bought one at full price (~14$; Don't Bossa Nova Me Around). I managed to pick up 2 of them for 10$, and the others were 50% off.

OPI nail polish haul

OPI Brazil collection:
I Sao Paulo Over There

OPI Brazil collection

I've said many times that the Brazil collection is my favourite OPI collection (counting from 2014). I purchased 4 shades in total, and I still have one that I need to buy. I am happy to announce that Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and Taupe-less Beach are in the permanent range now, yay!

OPI Sprung
OPI Muir Muir On The Wall
OPI I Carol About You

I ordered Sprung from eBay, because it was part of a limited edition a while ago. It is the perfect shade for Autumn. Thank goodness the seller sells genuine OPI, so I'll be ordering more shades from that store. I was very anxious that I'll receive fake OPI. I can give you the seller's name, if you need it.

I picked up the other 3 shades at Müller.

I am about 99% sure that I'll only buy OPI nail polish from now on. Yes, OPI is that much better, both in good ingredients, in texture, in longevity & smell. It's just simply worth it.

What's your favourite OPI nail polish?

You might be interested in my China Glaze haul as well.

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money.


  1. 'Next Stop... the Bikini Zone' is sooo pretty! I want it! But I guess the LE is already gone. : /

    Evie | Lurker Stories

    1. It's gorgeous :) I'm sure you can still find it on ebay :)

  2. I like the nude colours.



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