June 9, 2015

Giant Producto Finito PART 1 | Makeup + Skincare

I am here to show you an insane amount of empty products. Grab a cup of tea, it is going to be a long post. I will show you my first makeup items I've ever gotten.

I have to do it in two parts, this is part 1, as you guessed. I have a crap ton of products to go through. You will notice that the photos were taken with my previous camera. I photographed these in September, 2013. Let's start:

Aveo Cherry body wash:
I used it as bubble bath. Liked it, it was nice. Repurchase: maybe.

ACNE.ORG Treatment:
I've talked about this before, it is a miracle worker benzoyl-peroxide gel for bad skin. BP is the only ingredient that keeps my skin clear. It is simply just miracle in a tube. Repurchase: yes, already have. TRY IT!

Treacle Moon My Coconut Island body scrub:
Smells amazing, works fine. Repurchase: yes, already have.

Fennel Cream Body Yogurt (Strawberry Cream):
These Fennel body creams are great. They are like a body soufflée that smells delicious and hydrates nicely. The packaging is adorable. Repurchase: yes, already have.

Dove Summer Glow body lotion with self-tanner and shimmer:
I adore these, they used to be my HG lotions for summer. The shimmer looks amazing on slightly tan skin; it smells addictive, and the self-tanner in it is subtle yet effective. They don't make them with shimmer anymore, but they do make this self-tanner kind of lotion. Repurchase: yes!

Dove Supreme body lotion with shimmer:
I bought it because said self-tanner lotion has no shimmer in it anymore. This one had no self-tanner in it, just the shimmer. It looked amazing and smelled nice. I don't think that they make these anymore. I would repurchase it.

Eveline Spa body lotion (goat milk and vanilla):
I received it as a gift from a friend, it smelled good and felt nice on the skin. Purchase: nah, I prefer Dove.

Essence hand protection balms (Raspberry Chocolate Cookie; Rooibos Tea & Blackberry)
Both are limited edition pieces, and I just love them. I originally had 12 of them in different scents, and now I only have 3 because I used them all up. These two are my favourite scents, and the absolute winner is the blackberry one. I have never smelled anything that good in my life. Too bad it was in a LE. Interesting and surprising: they moisturise better than the pricey-fancy L'Occitane ones. I usually use them for nighttime deep hydration. Repurchase: can't buy these scents, but the Essence handcreams are excellent, so yes!

Softino baby wipes:
These were fine, I occasionally used them on my face, and mostly used them to wipe off swatches / clean up my makeup items. They dry out too quickly because of the silly tape at the opening. Repurchase: maybe, I prefer baby wipes with the sturdier plastic closure.

Bebe Young Care 3in1 makeup remover wipes:
These are the best makeup wipes I've tried so far, even though they don't remove mascara all that easily. I don't really use makeup wipes, they were a gift with purchase kinda deal. I recommend them if you do use wipes, they are very nice. I just find that makeup wipes are very pricey for what they are, and a bottle of micellar water is around the same price, lasts longer and it is just allover better than wipes. (Not the Garnier water though, that one blows goats). Repurchase: maybe.

Aveo Sensitiv liquid soap:
It was okay for the family, but it dried out my skin. Repurchase: not for me. For the family, maybe.

Balea Dark Glamour liquid soap:
I loved the scent of this, and bought it mainly for the scent. It was limited edition, unfortunately. Balea soaps dry out my hands too. Repurchase: can't anymore. Discontinued.

Iseree cotton pads (buy these at Lidl):
I used a sh!t ton of these in the last couple of years. They work fine, my issue is that they are not 100% cotton. I've read that these kind of cotton pads can break out the skin, so I'm using different ones now. Repurchase: no more.

Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Emulsion
Skinfood GoldKiwi Sun Cream SPF36 PA++
Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

These were samples from ebay, I love that Koreans always give you a lot of samples, even when you purchase them online. God bless their heart. I would purchase all of these in the full size. The sunblock smells delicious. 

Collagenceutical emulsion samples:
I used these lil samples for a good 3-4 weeks, and I would totally buy the full size, even though I haven't looked up the ingredients yet. My skin felt very plump and hydrated after using them. Big thumbs up! IDK if it fills the wrinkles though, I would guess that they do not. Nothing really reduces wrinkles, except retinoids (as far as I know).

Now we move on to my very first makeup items I've ever bought. Oh boy. (I am not counting my child makeup kit, I still have that one, it is badass)

Suhada Liquid Makeup #3 (extremely dark orange):
Bought it at Lidl when they still carried cosmetics. It was nice, but I totally bought the wrong shade. I was 14 years old and knew nothing about colour matching my foundations. Let's be real, it is still kinda difficult to find the perfect colour match in foundations. Repurchase: can't, and would not.

Miss Sporty So Clear Anti-blemish foundation (01 Light)
After choosing the wrong tone at Lidl, I was very determined to get a light shade, and it was a success. It was my first real foundation, and it was okay. It didn't do anything with breakouts, and had sheer coverage. Repurchase: no. I bet they don't even make these anymore. Still, it is a sentimental piece. I remember the exact day and place when I bought it. Actually, my mom bought it for me. (Essence wasn't even in Hungary at that time)

Essence Soft & Natural Make-up (01 Ivory):
These Soft & Natural foundations are amazing and underrated as hell. They last long, smell nice, apply effortlessly, and have no colour selection whatsoever, so that might be the problem. This 01 shade was discontinued years ago, and the current lightest shade is my summer shade, meaning that it is kinda dark for fair peeps. Still, if you aren't the palest of the pale, give these a try. They are A-MA-ZING. God bless the S&N foundations. I have two of them in my stash now, but not in this lightest shade. Repurchase: can't rp the shade, will rp the foundation.

Catrice Prime And Fine Smoothing Refiner (aka pore minimizing primer):
It is a very nice, silicon-based primer. It optically smooths out the skin. I already have a second jar that I'm using now. I have a review up on the blog somewhere, go and find it. Repurchase: yes, already have.

Random brand (can't see the name, DUO ripoff) black toned eyelash glue:
Did not work at all, apply water to the lashes for the same effect. Disappointing. Repurchase: hell no.

Mini Nivea cream:
It was okay, bought it for my mom I guess. I personally don't like Nivea at all, bad ingredients and sharp, unpleasant smell. Repurchase: no.

Blistex Classic Lip Protector:
Love these lipbalms, they are a lot better than Carmex. They are not minty, thank goodness. They have a very odd texture, it's kinda silicone-like and creamy at the same time. Works nice on dry lips. The Isana Intensiv is still better and cheaper, but I would totally repurchase these as well. I've used up many.

Essence Sun Club Refreshing & Moisturising lipgloss with SPF (transparent)
Essence XXXL Shine Nude lipgloss (01 Pure Beauty)
Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss (It-piece)

My first Essence product ever is the one at the bottom, the shade is It-piece, and I have a backup, OF COURSE! Still, it was my first Essence product, can you believe that? I love Essence glosses, but the newer ones tend to go bad quite fast. I have about 60 more to use up. Aaalmost there.

Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum:
Love it. It is probably the first overhyped product that is really good. It made my hair shiny and easy to comb. Repurchase: yes.

Clinique All About Eyes eye cream:
Probably the most overhyped eye cream that does not necessarily worth the hype. I bought it for my mom, but she couldn't use it because it burned her skin. It was just OK for me, but considering the price of it, you can buy many similar eyecreams for 1/4 price with the exact same benefits and ingredients. Big disappointment. Also, Clinique is ridiculously expensive here. Repurchase: no.

Clean & Clear Quick Clear Treatment Gel: 
Did not do anything at all. Repurchase: no.

~ Evinde

I bought the products with my own money or were personal gifts from family.


  1. Hűha, Te aztán régóta gyűjtögetted a kiürült flakonokat :)
    60 Essence szájfény? Szép kis gyűjteményed lehet :D

    1. Valóban, azóta már legalább másik 4-5 bejegyzésnyi üres dolog van lefotózva, ami feltöltésre és megírásra vár. :) Utol kell érnem magam, még idén nyáron :D
      A szájfények meg... ne is mondd, azt sem tudom, hogy gyűlt össze ilyen sok. :'/

    2. Én sejtem, szerintem szaporodnak a sötét fiók mélyén... Legalábbis az enyémek biztosan, mert időnként előkerül olyan, amire nem is emlékszem, hogy megvettem :D


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