June 29, 2015

Moyra Luna Holographic Nail Polish

moyra luna holographic nail polish

Moyra Luna is my second Moyra nail polish that I own, and it is part of the Moyra Holographic collection. Let me tell you, it is crazy beautiful in direct sunlight! You wouldn't even expect this level of holo from a nail polish that is easily accessible. Hope you'll like the photos.

moyra luna körömlakk
Moyra Luna holographic nail polish

I picked up Luna in October, but it is only now that I show it to you. Holographic nail polishes are most beautiful in the sunlight, so using them in spring and summer sounds like a good idea, yes? 

moyra luna holographic nail polish
flat Moyra brush

Luna is part of a 6-piece holographic collection, you can check the rest of the collection here, if you are curious. Moyra Luna is a muted light army green colour with insane holo effect and a matte finish. It covers in two coats and has a lovely flat brush. Wish China Glaze had a brush like this!

moyra luna nail polish
Moyra Luna - 2 coats, without base and top coat

Looking at the bottle indoors, I thought "well, it is kind of a meh nail polish", and then I went outdoors. Oh boy! It is stunning in direct sunlight! The linear holographic effect is very strong. I didn't use a base or top coat, it applies a lot better without a base coat. A top coat is fine if you want to hide the matte effect, but I wanted to show it to you, so no top coat for me either. 

moyra luna
Moyra Luna holografikus körömlakk
(2 réteg, alap és fedőlakk nélkül)

Look at that holo!

The formula was nice to work with, but again, it applies best without a base coat. I've heard that it was tricky to apply, but I don't really agree. It was a disaster combined with my Rimmel Nail Nurse base coat, but the Nail Nurse is pretty much a disaster with anything. You should be fine without a base coat, it doesn't stain either.

Moyra Luna on the nails

Moyra Luna holographic nail polish

Moyra is a Hungarian brand, and as far as I know, you can find them in many Central and Eastern European countries by now. They are very cheap here, around $2-3, depending on the fancy or basic finishes. The only thing I still don't like about the brand is the cheap-looking bottle and cap. The silver colour rubs off very easily, and the shape of the bottle is just not worthy of the gorgeous nail polish formula that is inside of it. The only nail polish bottle that is uglier than this is the Dance Legend bottle (and font).

Have you tried the Moyra holographic nail polishes?

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~ Evinde

I purchased the product with my own money.


  1. Nem hittem, hogy ennyire fog látszódni a holo,de ez gyönyörű*.*

    1. Én sem igazából, de kellemes meglepetés ért. :)

  2. Nagyon szépen kihozza a holo hatást az összes kép :) Tavasszal kaptam meg én is az első Moyra holo lakkomat, csak jót tudok róla mondani :)

  3. Imádom az egész kollekciót, a kedvenc manikűröm velük hogy random csíkokba felviszem majd rányomdázok fehérrel :)

    1. Még én is szeretnék venni párat a holo kollekcióból. :)


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