October 31, 2015

Halloween & Autumn Haul | 2015

It is rare for me to find Halloween decoration at all, especially here where people don't celebrate this holiday. I was very lucky to find awesome Halloween pieces this year, most of them are made in Hungary. 

pumpkin tealight holder

You can see a welcome sign on the very first photo, I managed to find it at the Hungarian version of a dollar store for $1. 

The three (ceramic?) pumpkins above were made in Hungary, they are tealight holders, but you can put whatever you want in the ones without the witch hat. I store my fall lipsticks in them. All of them were less than $2 per piece.

pumpkin wax tart burner

My favourite piece is the pumpkin wax tart burner. I've seen similar ones by Yankee Candle for an extremely outragous price. This pumpkin dude is quite big, and it was only $3. Mind = blown. It was also made in Hungary.

You can take off the wax holder plate. 

The fall leaves were also the greatest finds of my trip because I bought 50 pieces for $2, and that is an incredible deal. You can't really find fake fall leaves in this country, and the ones you can find at OBI or random small stores are very expensive (~3000 HUF for 10-15 leaves).

I also purchased 3 pumpkins with flowers on them, they were sold separately but are obviously part of the same family. These were made in Germany.

I purchased everything at a small family business in my hometown, with the exception of the welcome pumpkin on the first photo.

Do you decorate your home for autumn?

~ Evinde

As mentioned above, I purchased the products with my own money.


  1. Az utolsó hármas nagyon tetszik, olyan kis cukik :)
    Nekem anyukám ültet minden évben dísztököt, így azokkal van tele a lakás, illetve gesztenye és száraz kukorica, plusz számos gyertya :)

    1. Nálunk sajnos idén nem termett a kertben dísztök, de talán jövőre szerencsénk lesz. :)


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