October 30, 2015

Tiffany - Seed of Chucky Makeup Look | Child's Play Franchise

Hi guys, I'm here to show you my one and only Halloween makeup look this year. This horror look is suitable for people who don't like gore or difficult makeup looks. 

Since I wasn't able to buy the wig that would have been the star of a different Halloween look, I went with a pretty easy option - no blood or guts this time. It is still creepy because of the eyes, and you could always splash fake blood on your face for more drama.

Tiffany - Seed of Chucky

tiffany seed of chucky makeup look
Tiffany - Seed of Chucky makeup look

If you like horror movies, then you are most likely familiar with the Chucky franchise. The only Chucky movie I've seen so far is Seed of Chucky (and boy, I feel like if you've seen one Chucky film, you've seen them all), so I recreated Tiffany's look from that particular movie.

Tiffany (Seed of Chucky) - red smokey eyes and black lips

Tiffany's look consists of a simple red smokey eye and black lips, skinny arched eyebrows, blonde bob hairstyle, a choker, leather jacket and a white dress, even though the leather jacket outfit is only shown for a couple of minutes in Seed of Chucky. Unfortunately I did not have my leathert jacket with me this time, but I improvised.

I'll write down a step-by-step mini tutorial for the look in the order of how I did it personally. Don't forget to make your brows look skinny and evil looking with a high arch.

red smokey eyes (Tiffany)

Tiffany (Seed of Chucky) eyeshadow look step-by-step:

- line your tightline and waterline with a longlasting black pencil
- smudge black kohl pencil along the upper lashline
- apply a mauvy brown eyeshadow to the crease to compliment the red & black 
- apply a red (or burgundy) eyeshadow (or blush) all over the lid and to the upper part of the crease
- set the smudged liner with a black matte eyeshadow, smoke it slightly upwards
- do a winged liner with a small wing
- smoke out the lower lashline with the black and mauvy brown shades
- for a more dramatic effect, use upper & lower fake lashes and green circle lenses

As always, you don't have to do everything the way I did it, feel free to modify the look to suit your taste & needs.

Tiffany also has a beauty mark under her nose in the movie Bride of Chucky, but in Seed of Chucky, she doesn't have it on in every scene. Why? No idea. 

Her signature black lip completes the look, I used a black eyeliner this time because it is more longlasting and smudgeproof than the black lippies I own.

 I tried to do a fake bob hairstyle, you can find how-to videos on youtube for this. I let my hair down on the photos above and below because I wanted to see how the makeup looked without the bob hair. Well, I can pretty much pass it as a Taylor Momsen or Misa Amane look.

Are you familiar with the Chucky movies? What are you going to dress up as this year?

Keep an eye out for a Halloween haul tomorrow.

~ Evinde

No serial killer dolls were harmed while making this Halloween look.


  1. It looks amazing. I love red on eyes. :)

    1. Thank you Taya! :) Red eyeshadows are beautiful for sure, I love them too. :)

  2. Ejjha, elég rémisztő ez a Chucky baba :)


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