January 26, 2016

Golden Rose Carnival Nail Polish Haul + Swatches | Fun Glitter Top Coats

Golden Rose has heaps of fun glitter top coats for less than $1, so if you are looking for awesome glitter nail polish, then this haul is for you.

Golden Rose Carnival nail polish haul

The nail polishes included in this haul are results of multiple trips to Nailland displays from last spring and summer, however, you can order on their website as well (they do EU shipping). You will see me mentioning Nailland in the future as well, because this is the only place in big Soviet Hungary that sells a lot of fun brands when it comes to nail polish. These gorgeous glitter toppers are still $1 on the website as I'm writing this post, just a heads up.

Golden Rose Carnival 04 (peach)
Golden Rose Carnival 11 (purple)
Golden Rose Carnival 03 (aqua)

My three favourite pieces are the ones above and below (Nr. 4, 11 & 3), these glitter polishes have almost lace-like dainty glitter in clear base, they look adorable on the nails. You'll see on the swatches. I will buy a backup of the purple one as soon as I'm hitting the capital again. For $1 it's a steal.

Golden Rose Carnival 16 (pink + white)
Golden Rose Carnival 07 (coral)
Golden Rose Carnival 15 (red)

You'll see a variation of colours and glitter shapes in this haul, and even though some of them look similar in the bottle, they look different on the nails.

Golden Rose Carnival 09 (white + blue)
Golden Rose Carnival 13 (neon blue)
Golden Rose Carnival 08 (dark purple)

Golden Rose Carnival 14 (yellow)
Golden Rose Carnival 05 (green)

Golden Rose Galaxy 06
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 110
Golden Rose Carnival 3D Glaze 09

I also included 3 oddballs because they are also from GR, and I'm doing my nail polish hauls organized by brand right now.

Golden Rose nail polish swatches

Golden Rose Carnival swatches:
Nr. 03 - Nr. 04 - Nr. 11

Golden Rose Carnival swatches:
Nr. 05 - Nr. 14 - Nr. 13

Golden Rose Carnival swatches:
Nr. 15 - Nr. 07 - Nr. 16

Golden Rose nail polish swatches:
Jolly Jewels 110 - Galaxy 16 - Carnival 09 - Carnival 08

 Golden Rose Carnival 05 nailswatch (undie: light mint green)

Golden Rose Carnival 07 nailswatch (undie: dark mint green)

Have you tried Golden Rose nail polishes? I highly recommend them if you haven't.

Which glitter topper is your favourite in today's haul?

~ Evinde

I purchased the products with my own money.

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