January 20, 2016

NYC BB Beautifying Blushable Cream Stick | Review

As someone from Central Europe, the NYC blushable cream sticks have been on my wishlist for years because the brand wasn't available here. When the brand finally made its way to my country, it turned out that my most sought-after product, the stick cream blush is not in the range after all (we only have a 1 m display here). Last May, it popped up on the NYC display at Müller, so after 4 years of waiting, I managed to try it as well. Let's see how it works.

NYC BB Beautifying Blushable Cream Stick

Firstly, the BB stands for Beautifying Blushable, so it's just a play on words. I'm sure they decided to use the BB word to lure people, thinking that the product is infused with BB cream. It's not, it's just a regular cream blush in a stick form.

Another feature you notice at first glance is the size of it, it has 11 g of product, which is 3x the size of regular cream blushes. The price ($4-5) is excellent for that amount and quality of product.

It is compact with a secure packaging, so it's handy to toss in your bag and use it during the day if needed.

NYC BB Cream Stick - 001 Soho Pink

There are 2 shades available: mine (Soho Pink) is a subtle medium rosy pink, the other one (Never Sleeping Pink) is an almost neon matte peachy pink. The pigmentation is great, it blends out to nothing, so don't worry about overdosing it on your cheeks. It's beautiful.

You can directly paint it on your skin, even though it might disturb your foudation. I'm only using that method if I'm feeling wild. They are not as creamy as I expected but they are still easy to work with. Another two methods I use are the following: I either dab the stick on my face and blend with my fingers, or I apply it to my fingers and blend it the same way. You can use a brush too if you want.

I can't speak about longevity for certain because the products I use to set my face make everything bulletproof. I often use cream blush as a base for my powder blush, which is another method to make your blush longlasting. All in all, it is longlasting on me because of the way I set my makeup.

NYC BB Cream Stick - 001 Soho Pink

Soho Pink is a lovely and subtle shade with a velvety finish that would work on everybody. See the swatch below. Now of course, that's heavy application on the photo. You can make it look as subtle or strong as you want. Layer it, build it up. Blend it out, tone it down. It's a great product for beginners as well.

001 Soho Pink swatch

Eventually I will buy the other colour as well, it is a stunning shade for spring and summer. Check it out if you haven't already. I've only seen these Beautifying Blushable cream sticks at Müller so far.

I purchased it immediately I found out they were available in my country, which was around May or June. I didn't manage to upload my review 'til today, oh well. Better late than never.

Have you tried the NYC BB cream sticks?

~ Evinde

I purchased the product with my own money.

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